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14.07.2021 - Read in 5 min.

Corporate social responsibility through the eyes of RST

14.07.2021 - Read in 5 min.

The focus on corporate social responsibility has always been of great importance to us. Now its significance is greater than ever. Simply put, it means an awareness of the impact it has on people, society and the natural environment.

CSR społeczna odpowiedzialność biznesu
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And, in a way, it is a commitment by the company to achieve the goal that is realizable and good for its environment. The strength of CSR lies in the way of running a business – a wise management that builds its values.

We asked ourselves the following questions:

  • How do we want to build our social responsibility?
  • What is important to us, in what areas do we want to implement it?
  • What can we do and how could our employees be involved in these activities?

It is certain that the company’s steady development should go hand in hand with care for the interests of people and the environment. That is why we founded our business on the following values: honesty, respect, efficiency and quality. These are the foundations of our company.

Corporate social responsibility - Software Company

For us, those values ​​determine our activities, and in this case not only those that directly relate to software development. Thanks to them, we are responsible and want to have an impact on activities intended to improve the quality of life. We have developed our own CSR strategy that is consistent with our organizational culture and which clearly indicates our priorities and mirrors our pro-social attitudes. It is our commitment to care for the working conditions of our employees, to develop potential in IT education, to care for the natural environment, to be involved in the social environment and to support sports activities.

Corporate social responsibility - Software Company

We focus on good education and help young people pursue their passions

We focus on young people’s development in a systemic way so that they can find their passions sooner and be happy doing what they like and what they are best at in life. Therefore, for several years, mentors have been guiding students, supporting them in gaining practical knowledge in the field of programming in our proprietary Hello World class. We extended the school’s core curriculum by several additional hours of computer science, so students can devote more time to the practical training in programming.

In addition, we create an environment in which young people can gain valuable knowledge and experience. Our apprenticeships, guided by an unconventional approach and the search for creative solutions, emphasize the practical learning of programming, 

We organize summer internships for people with practical programming skills but without any work experience. This is an opportunity for further development and for a desirable position in one of the RST teams.

With our knowledge and experience we support a group of young programming enthusiasts – the Newbies. They are high school students with the precisely-defined path of their development and who already have executed several original projects and built their first applications, for example Fiszki (Eng.: Flashcards) – a foreign languages​​ learning app or Kompas (Eng:. Compass), an app for managing a location-based game.

Corporate social responsibility - Software Company

Ecology starts with us

Every day in our company we educate, promote, raise awareness and show how each of us can support and protect the natural environment. Workshops organized by us are aimed at raising awareness that we have an impact on our lives and work, and that we can have these by choice.

For us, every opportunity to promote ecology and strengthen awareness is a stimulus for action, and it doesn’t matter if it involves cleaning a park, collecting batteries, sorting rubbish or saving light, water, etc.

Corporate social responsibility - Software Company

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body

We participate in projects promoting physical activity and sport, not only by means of rooting for our employees participating in a variety of competitions. We encourage our relatives, friends and acquaintances to commute to work on foot and on a bicycle. For years, we have been the titular sponsor of the most important sports event in our home city – the RST Świdnica Half Marathon. First of all, we inspire each other because we are all different with diverse interests and passions. Differences are what make us stand out. For us, sport is any activity that allows us to maintain the so-called mental hygiene, the work-life balance that can help our body fight the 21st-century illnesses.

Corporate social responsibility - Software Company

We look at the social environment carefully

We have never been too busy with our own affairs and we have always wanted to help those who are worse off. Many of our activities and organized actions were inspired by our employees.

CSR is often associated with companies donating funds to non-governmental organizations. Social Responsibility in the form of volunteering also matters and is highly appreciated, so this year we have developed an employee volunteering program for different organizations and a grant scheme for employees. We want our employees to decide whom and how they want to help. We will talk more about it in September.

We can do more together

Under RST Group we also undertake pro-social activities addressing areas that are important to us, i.e. environment protection, health care or tackling online violence. Our Ventures for Earth fund invests in projects supporting sustainable growth, healthy environment and education in the society.

Corporate social responsibility - Software Company

We are all one – you are, therefore I am

Social responsibility has also become important for consumers. We are more aware and pay more and more attention to the origin of the products we buy, eat and store at work or in our homes. We don’t go crazy about it, but sometimes a small step leads to a big change.

The last year turned our lives upside down. COVID showed many companies that business is not only about earning money but also about people, families, and very often difficult professional and health situations. I am glad that the organizations closest to me did not turn their eyes away from the social environment. When I think about CSR, I can see Ubuntu’s philosophy, where care for the community is at its heart. Ubuntu places a human in the centre, underlying it with a motto “you are, therefore I am”. I believe that each of us has a huge potential to be humane in a sense that we prioritise the benefit of our community over our own. Ubuntu means helping each other and caring for each other; it is respect for others and awareness that we are all one and that united we are strong.

And in the context of business activities, to me CSR means enriching myself in a way that allows the community around to develop in a sense of social responsibility. Companies can no longer act merely for the sake of profit, and particularly at the expense of society, economy, environment and employees. Let us live in harmony and respect the world around us. May we create a mutual bond of support, appreciation, care and empathy.

If you want to learn more about CSR in RST, see photos from our activities and meet the people behind them, visit our website.

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Sylwia Łabuda-RST Software

Sylwia Łabuda

CSR Lead, Scrum Master