A comprehensive digital solution for your business

An audit report for your digital products, website or mobile apps, covering all the bases from usability issues to code review and scalability performance.


RST meets SHERPA to create the ultimate audit for product owners!

SHERPA is a digital design studio operating London and Istanbul, focusing on user experience. Abiding by their home-cooked design methodology, SHERPATH, their focus revolves around three areas: product & service design, UX consultancy and UX training.


Detailing the service from development & design perspective

RST Software Masters & SHERPA joined forces to create the ultimate audit for product owners!


With this newly formed partnership, we offer an audit report for your digital products, covering all the bases from usability issues to code review and scalability performance.


Within two weeks, our team of UX and technology experts will perform a comprehensive audit of your digital product.


 What’s inside?


  • Usability analysis
  • Technical analysis

Audit for your digital products includes

UX Audit

SHERPA / First impression analysis

UX Audit

If you’re having trouble identifying the pain points in your digital assets regarding usability, you’ll need an expert perspective to reveal them. Right at this point, our exceptionally talented, highly experienced, professional team steps in to examine your products in-depth.


With our UX Audit service, we identify the user experience problems so that you can create a frictionless and positive experience for your users.


We analyze your digital products thoroughly, pinpoint user pain points, prioritize and report actionable insights aiming for better usability.

Technology Audit

RST Software Masters / Digital technology audit

Technology Audit

Important lesson learned: creating great user experience is possible only with relevant technical solutions that stand for product reliability, scalability and security.


The goal of the Digital Technology Audit is to verify the technical condition of the project, define threats and identify areas where improvements can be made. As an external, independent auditor, we will help you to identify problems with your app and eliminate them, as well as to ensure scalability and performance of your app, and data security.


Technology Audit includes the following areas:


  • Technologies used
  • Project structure
  • App code
  • Unit tests
  • Performance
  • Security

Deliverables of the audit include a list of issues, their severities and proposed solutions.

Discover all the benefits of Digital check-up

Pinpoint issues

Let experts pinpoint any issues that make your users unhappy. You’ll get a backlog of ideas to improve the performance of your product and satisfy your users.

Understand improvement areas

Understand improvement areas through an in-depth analysis. You’ll see what is missing and how you can unlock your product’s potential.

Achieve quick wins

Get support from domain experts to see what can be done in a snap. You’ll reap the low hanging fruits and achieve quick wins.

Build next version of your product with top class consultants

Work with top class consultants to broaden your vision. You’ll learn how strategic planning can help you build the next version of your product.

Get to know the experts behind Digital Check-up


Şüheyda Oğan

UX Researcher



Paweł Grzesiecki

Technical Team Lead

RST Software Masters


Ata Ülgenbay Kayacan

UX Intelligence Engineer


*RST and SHERPA reserves their right to determine which experts will work on projects, and will use all endeavours to only assign individual(s) best suited to relevant tasks.

digital checkup

A comprehensive digital solution for your business.

8 500 €
2 weeks / 6 persons
  • First impression analysis
  • Digital technology audit
  • Scalability performance
  • Code review

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