RST Software Masters. An engaged software house. 20 years of experience in creating custom tailored software.

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Firstly – ideas. Secondly – great craftsmanship.

Why are we named RST Software Masters? Because foregone craftsmen are our role models

Like them we care for mastery in our craft – creating valuable, useful, convenient software.

RST Software Masters - a committed software house

Years of experience have taught us that even the best idea for a digital product, before it will become successful, needs to be implemented on the market, confronted with user reactions and constantly improved. Which is precisely what we do every day – design, maintain and improve software, while keeping in mind its business value and user satisfaction.

High traffic volume? Many transactions? Perfect!

We specialize in building, maintaining and expanding upon large-scale systems dedicated for high numbers of simultaneous users.

RST Software Masters - large-scale systems dedicated for high numbers of simultaneous users

We have experience in building digital platforms that simultaneously bring many market players together. A full technology stack is at our disposal which allows us to create solutions available on the desktop, web, mobile, compatible with IoT. We take interest in new technologies, like blockchain, and trends in digital business, things like robotic process automation. However, our primary concern is for the system we are building to be happily used by users and to satisfy your business' needs.

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We have practical experience in digital transformation which we gained while building digital platforms browsed by a multitude of users. We offer services in a couple of fields concerning software development.

RST Software Masters - Custom tailored software.

Custom tailored software

Is high standard of system a priority for you? Is a high standard system important to you? We design, maintain and develop IT systems on demand.

RST Software Masters - Strategies and digital innovations

Strategies and digital innovations

Got your eyes set on digital transformation? By making use of the newest technologies we can help develop a digital strategy for you while keeping in mind current trends and expectations.


Knowledge base

From a monolith to microservices - RST Software Masters

Microservices or monolith?

Author: Łukasz Wróbel,
Chief Technical Officer RST Software Masters


The microservice architecture is used by some of the biggest players on the digital transformation scene, including eBay, Amazon or Netflix. One of RTS Software Masters' clients, the owner of the platform, is also a user of microservices. This practical ebook contains experience we acquired during the process of migrating, maintaining and developing one of the platform' subsystems from monolith to microservices.

33 metrics for digital platforms - RST Software Masters

33 metrics for digital platforms


Author: Marek Ziółkowski,

Chief Solutions Architect RST Software Masters


How to ensure user satisfaction? The best way is to provide users with a continuous stream of positive experiences while using your application. Within IT systems you can primarily improve that, which can be measured. Give our ebook a read and find out about 33 metrics that are worth keeping an eye on, when dealing with digital platforms supporting a multitude of simultaneous users.

RST Software Masters - Elasticsearch free ebook



Author: Tomasz Banasiak

RST Software Masters expert


If you need to search, group and filter large amounts of data in almost real time, check Elasticsearch.


Read our case study and find out how Elasticsearch works in practice.

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Justyna Gieracka

Justyna Gieracka

Business Development Representative

tel.: +48 532 626 248


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