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RST Software Masters is an experienced Polish software house. For the last 20 years, we have been creating advanced IT systems, mobile applications and social networking platforms.

RST Software Masters - About us
  • years of experience 20
  • regular/senior developers 130
  • senior architects 7
  • start working in Scrum 2009

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RST Software Masters values

  • RST Software Masters - Our values: quality


    We care about quality. Only high quality products can gain your trust.
  • RST Software Masters - Our values: efficiency


    We focus on the implementation of the tasks entrusted to us and meeting deadlines.
  • RST Software Masters - Our values: honesty


    We are honest with each other and our customers, because this allows us to work effectively and efficiently.
  • RST Software Masters - Our values: respect


    We treat ourselves and others with respect, because we know that this will always lead us to an agreement.
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Our experts are people with many years of experience in effectively solving complex problems, who are not afraid of bold challenges and are able to effectively implement the digital transformation through the development and implementation of technological products.

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Aleksander Dytko

Aleksander Dytko

Business Development Representative

tel.: +48 532 626 248

e-mail: aleksander.dytko@rst.com.pl


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