RST Software Masters to – architecture, development, system maintenance

The transport sector underwent digitization earlier than others and can now play a leading role for less digitized ones. In Europe, one of the pioneers of such transformation is, who we have maintained a steady partnership with for several years. Thanks to them, we are able to be part of one of the most interesting and most ambitious projects within Poland's digital economy. If you choose us as your partner, you will not only gain access to our experience in developing a large-scale system that is being used in 45 countries, but also have a chance to create new local innovations with us by using the digital market phenomena we discovered while observing user behavior on the platform.

RST Software Masters - maintenance and development of platform

One of Europe's two biggest transportation platforms

Over 600 servers, millions of lines of code. Operating hundreds of thousands of transactions each day. It constitutes the digital reflection of the transportation market – used by shippers, carriers, freight brokers… In other words, by anyone who has anything to do with transportation. An everyday work tool of 90 000 users in 45 countries.

RST Software Masters - Contract market

Contract market

RST Software Masters - Contract market

Contract market

This feature offers:


  • a comparison of offers and orders in a specific sector with data necessary for initiating a transaction and fast execution of a given task,
  • monitoring and system notifications informing about new offers in compliance with given criteria,
  • SmartSort – fast matching of contracts to specific services provided by a given company.

Our contract markets formula considerably reduces the time needed to execute a transaction.

RST Software Masters - Business directory

Business directory

RST Software Masters - Business directory

Business directory

We provide a database of companies within a specific sector, including necessary contact information.

Additionally, we make it possible to verify the credibility and certifications of a given company.
Thanks to this feature, users are able to choose trustworthy partners.

RST Software Masters - B2B messenger

B2B messenger

RST Software Masters - Komunikator

B2B messenger

Fast and multi-user communication on platforms of this type is a rarity.
We offer a messenger that helps users to communicate and close deals faster.

As additional features we provide:

  • document transfers,
  • translations related to this sector,
  • access to chat history.
RST Software Masters - Maps and geolocation

Maps and geolocation

RST Software Masters - Mapa

Maps and geolocation

This feature is dedicated for the TSL sector.


It allows:

  • route mapping with multiple intermediate points,
  • searching locations on map,
  • fast and effective route managing.
RST Software Masters - Orders management

Orders management

RST Software Masters - Orders management

Orders management

In terms of managing orders, we offer:


  • scanning,
  • identification,
  • transmission of documents.

If documentation and source data are provided, a cost analysis of either a single transaction or all the orders of a given contractor can be conducted in any configuration.

RST Software Masters - Fleet management

Fleet management

RST Software Masters - Fleet management

Fleet management

A feature dedicated to companies with their own fleet.

It enables:

  • vehicle identification,
  • vehicle availability calculation,
  • assessment of telematic parameters.

Thanks to this feature, the vehicle owner can manage transportation costs more efficiently and increase their competitiveness.

RST Software Masters - Factoring and vindication

Factoring and vindication

RST Software Masters - Factoring and vindication

Factoring and vindication

This feature enables efficient payment and fees management.

Modules we offer:

  • blocking companies or lowering ratings,
  • vindication and selling of liabilities,
  • factoring.
RST Software Masters - Find product

Looking for something else?



  • Elasticsearch
  • Camunda
  • ejabberd
  • RabbitMQ
  • React
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Java
  • Android
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Selenium
  • Puppet
  • Vagrant
  • Foreman
  • Docker
RST Software Masters - ideas and good craftmanship

RST Software Masters' role in building the digital platform

As the main software developer for the platform, we:

  • design, build, maintain and develop the system sold in a SaaS model,
  • integrate the platform with payment systems (PayU, PayPal),
  • combine many systems; build open API platforms for external partners
  • integrate the platform with big financial systems erp/erp .

Principles of partnership
Being a long-time partner, we found a few key points that we focus on while keeping in mind the business success of the project.

We process hundreds of thousands of data, maintaining system availability at 99.98% per year on average.

We work utilizing a microservice architecture that enables rapid system development and gives the possibility of quickly adapting the system to dynamically changing market realities.

We are committed to the process, we listen to users and hold ourselves accountable for their satisfaction. We care about NPS and develop solutions that help increase user loyalty.


RST Software Masters - the result of working for
  • companies 37 000
  • users online 90 000
  • offers a day 400 000
  • messages a day 6 500 000

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