Building a new app for TransCash

As TransCash grew, a need to re-design the customer panel used for submitting factoring and collection cases emerged. The company wanted to enable its customers to use all its services from a single panel with a user-friendly and consistent UI adaptable for mobile devices.

This way, TransCash desired to make the system easier to use, and enable its users to operate it on their own. Such approach was aimed at releasing manual communication channels, such as e-mail or helpline. A significant challenge while creating the new app turned out. It was to ensure compatibility and seamless communication with legacy systems used by TransCash. This would increase the availability and stability of the system.

RST Software Masters - System wizualizacji pomiarów drzwi dla Elektrolux

Design assumptions

RST Software Masters - the solution

Agile Product Development. Discovery. Design. Development.


1st stage of work: UX research and consulting services, which allowed to identify and characterise users’ issues as well as pre-deployment expectations of the business with regard to the system:

  • workshops with a client’s team, during which new personas and their needs were jointly created

  • competition analysis: designers checked similar systems, with their webpages and available functionalities

  • Google Analytics stats review for the existing panel, which gave us better understanding of the most commonly used functionalities and user behaviours

  • user test of the existing system to understand the needs and issues they experience with the current panel (10 users were tested in-house or remotely)

  • workshops with a client’s team, during which the designers and researchers presented the results of user tests, which enabled the creation of new, streamlined processes (using the Customer Journey Mapping)

  • weekly meetings with POs and shareholders, during which the designers presented UX mockups of particular views and functionalities, and gathered feedback to introduce changes

This resulted in interactive UX mockups (built in Axure RP), which enabled us to understand and walk through basic usage scenarios for the app, and to re-test it with the target group (10 users were tested in-house or remotely).


After implementing final changes based on the feedback provided by the users, the UI Design was created, i.e. a proposition of what the app may look like.

2nd stage of work:


By uncovering user’s needs and cooperating with TransCash’s team, the design team identified new needs regarding the panel. It was necessary to deploy new functionalities so that new and existing clients could operate entirely on their own. An estimate was created along with an offer for deployment of new items in the client’s panel.

RST Software Masters - praca nad systemem dla Elektrolux

The results of the cooperation were as follows:

The RST Software Masters design team comprised field experts, which translated itself into TransCash ability to focus on defining their needs and priorities, and the RST team could propose well-thought-out technical solutions, the implementation of which would provide value to end-users. A long experience and expertise of RST allowed us to mitigate project risks. Strong influence over the decisions made in the project has significantly increased the level of engagement of RST team in the product itself, as the team felt responsible. Any activities undertaken by the deployment team were reported to the client in a transparent manner.

  • a modern UI supporting different devices (RWD)

  • new features supporting process automation

  • new functionalities (user-friendly)

  • modern panel architecture ensuring stability and fast and frequent deployments

  • a set of metrics was deployed to enable analysis of collected data. Analytic tools were implemented, such as: Firebase, Google Analytics, HotJar

AWS - operations in the cloud


Technologies and tools used:

  • Frontend app and REST API - both hosted in AWS Frontend: S3 + Cloudfront Backend: EC2 with Docker containers, EFS
  • React
  • RWD
  • PHP v.7.4 (Symfony 4.4)
  • RabbitMQ for asynchronous task completion
  • Integration with TransCash system
  • Integration with for logging in
  • Pilot for invoice scanning: AWS Textract, Lambda

Benefits for the client

Agile Product development benefits

  • User-friendly and consistent UI adapted for mobile devices

  • Shortened time-to-market for new functionalitie

  • Increased stability and system scalability by moving the infrastructure to AWS cloud

  • Simplified daily operations of users

  • Increase in revenue by expanding the scope of business operations. TransCash services could be sold in the e-commerce channel

  • Increased safety of the app.

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