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Apart from the software we use, sooner or later we might need to search through large amounts of data. What’s more important, we’d like it to be done considering spelling and flection.

The answer to our needs is Elasticsearch – a tool that makes it possible to search, group and filter large amounts of data almost immediately.

Check out our free case study to get know more about this tool and its possibilities.

Elasticsearch - what is it?

For many people who have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Elasticsearch, this is an efficient, non-relational database oriented towards full text search in large, distributed sets of documents. This is of course true, however, Elasticsearch offers also many features that have a direct impact on the results we get.

Below are five features of Elasticsearch, which are not necessarily commonly known, but can ideally respond to business needs and challenges:

  1. Reverse search - Percolator

    Helps to find customers interested in a new product/offer from previous searches.
  2. Almost "real time" data access

    Despite the distributed architecture, data synchronization takes place within a couple of seconds.
  3. Analyzers for non-English languages

    Elasticsearch processes the complexities of non-English languages (for example Polish).
  4. Linear scaling mechanisms

    Elasticsearch grows with your business without the necessity to modify the architecture.
  5. Hot-Warm Architecture

    Frequently used data is easily and quickly accessible and the old data is safely stored on a separate machine.

Speed and precision

RST Software Masters - Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch - download case study

RST Software Masters - Elasticsearch - download case study

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