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Camunda BPM, a friendly business process engine

Are you considering robotization and automation of business processes? Are you looking for a system that will be flexible and will allow you to update processes as your requirements change, without waiting for IT?


Discover Camunda BPM, a complete tool for modeling, implementing and optimizing processes.


We'll help you with this. We are the only official partner of Camunda in Poland.

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Camunda BPM - made for business.

Camunda BPM is a proven platform for handling and designing business processes. It was created with the idea of simplicity of integration with other applications, which significantly simplifies and shortens the time of implementation of new business needs. Thanks to the innovative framework, the user can automate all activities performed both at the design stage and the implementation of business processes. This approach enables efficient company adaptation and the software it uses to the changing market expectations.

Camunda BPM was created for business. The companies that decide to implement it have a need to generate a new way of thinking and perceiving their business processes. The use of this light engine is particularly recommended in projects requiring multi-stage workflows and the integration of multiple systems. If you need a tool that will introduce effective management and optimization of operational processes, and thus help you acquire new customers, opt for Camunda BPM.

  • Efficient introduction of changes in business processes and their rapid implementation

  • Convenient mechanisms for effective management of elements of process automation

  • Real-time monitoring and reports for business, leaving no questions regarding the process unanswered

  • Support for the ISO BPMN 2.0 standard, providing a common language for technical and business users

  • High availability and scalability - it can work in a distributed cluster and be based on one common database at the same time

  • A decision mechanism that allows business users to define and maintain executable business rules that integrate directly with the workflow mechanism

Implementation of Camunda BPM in a few steps

RST Software Masters has a competent and experienced team of architects, programmers and analysts ready to implement Camunda BPM in a short time. If you are looking for an effective tool that will be flexible and easy to integrate with your existing development environment in your company, please contact us. Our team of experts will help you grow your business!





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Camunda BPM and microservices

Micro-services are very popular for a reason. By choosing to switch to this highly scalable architecture, companies can conveniently and quickly implement new products and functionalities in a very short time. Camunda BPM can be embedded in a microservice architecture, and it can be easily implemented both in the cloud and locally.

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The workflow engine used in Camunda BPM is a natural tool for microservice architecture, thanks to which you can closely monitor and manage critical business processes involving many microservices.

If needed, we can also migrate the current architecture of parts of your systems to microservices as part of the implementation.

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Camunda BPM - download the case study

Automation of business processes brings many benefits. The implementation of Camunda BPM will ensure increased efficiency, flexibility and optimization of the resources used in the company.

Organizations from around the world have decided to use this light engine to quickly and conveniently implement new processes and functionalities in a very short time.

See why companies from the banking, insurance or e-commerce industry chose Camunda BPM. We present a case study describing the implementation for Allianz, Zalando and Bank11.

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