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Switch to microservices and develop business as fast as you want

Does your system not handle the fastly growing userbase well enough? Do you encounter problems managing new markets, user groups, currencies, language versions?


Do you have more ideas for new features than you’re able to technically handle? In short, are you stuck?


Perhaps your system reached the limits of the efficiency of its architecture and it’s time to consider migrating to microservices - the architecture that big digital platforms like Netflix, eBay, Blablacar or Allegro are based on.

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5 reasons to switch to microservices

  1. You have the ability to freely develop your application in several directions at the same time
  2. Shorten release time of new functionalities or your system versions
  3. Increase user satisfaction, their attachment to your system, as well as the brand value of your company
  4. Reduce overall system maintenance costs
  5. You have the ability to apply the best technologies to a given area of the system

What do we offer and how do we work?

Audit of the present IT system architecture

Preparing the plan of migrating to microservices

Migration - exclusive or with joint resources

Technologies used:

  • REST
  • AMQP
  • RabbitMQ
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Foreman
  • Consul

The client’s perspective:

mikroserwisy website 1

The migration to the microservice architecture of the platform

“We decided to switch to the microservice architecture four years ago. Thanks to this change, we are able to implement new functionalities faster, we also reduced the technical debt. We don’t treat microservices as a panacea - we made a conscious choice to use them in selected areas.”

Bogdan Kosturek, CTO w Group S.A.

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