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Quality, usability, business value. Simply good software.

We build dedicated systems and platforms that become tools for changing business models and support digital transformation. Our focus is on agile management of IT projects, which makes it possible to deliver user value within a short time frame.

We want to get to know your business and provide a solution that will fully satisfy your needs in the digital development field.

RST Software Masters - ideas and good craftmanship

We are living in times of the fourth revolution – digital revolution. This poses a real challenge for many entrepreneurs. Each year, new business models based on customer service eliminate new players who fail to catch up with the form of the market.

Surely, you don't want to miss your chance and get left behind. If you are looking for a software house that loves to build good, convenient IT systems that allow your company to generate savings or profit – let us meet!

How we work

RST Software Masters - Work methodology
Work methodology
RST Software Masters - Work methodology

Work methodology

We keep discovering better ways of creating software. We use agile methodology. We chose Scrum.


Why? Because it allows us to work efficiently in the face of rapidly increasing complexity of technology, market changes, environment and their interactions.


The Scrum approach is especially valuable when dealing with difficult issues and complex systems, as its principles combine roles, activities and interactions.


We work in two-week sprints. You are provided with a new system version in a short time as a result. It is a finished product ready to be used.


What do you gain? First, quickly visible results. Second, easier budget managing.

RST Software Masters - Choice of technology
Choice of technology
RST Software Masters - Choice of technology

Choice of technology

Being a partner in digital transformation, we build systems meant to meet all your needs by utilizing the most fitting and progressive technologies.


We are competent in web technologies, creating APIs and large-scale computer systems based on microservice architecture, which facilitate flexible and precise implementation of adequate technologies (PHP, NODE.js, JAVA, C++) in various areas of the system.


While choosing technologies, we integrate with existing environments and provide effective solutions that suit your needs.

RST Software Masters - Quality, scalability, efficiency
Quality, scalability, efficiency
RST Software Masters -Quality, scalability, efficiency

Quality, scalability, efficiency

In the interest of software quality, we implemented:

  • definition of done – unified acceptance criteria for every assignment (user story),

  • continuous concept and code reviewing,

  • maintaining established standards, (e. g. API format, coding conventions),

  • error management policy (defined reaction times),

  • multilevel testing – acceptance, integration, unit (recommended code coverage of at least 80%)


We work with horizontally scaling architecture in order to maintain system scalability. Moreover, the infrastructure itself is equipped with auto-scaling mechanisms. We stay away from bottlenecks.


High system availability is ensured by:

  • component redundancy,

  • traffic balancing,

  • observability,

  • constant monitoring of service availability,

  • avoiding single points of failure.


Having guaranteed response times, defined component, th performance limits of the entire system and its reactability, we provide high efficiency of the created solution.

RST Software Masters - System maintenance and development
System maintenance and development
RST Software Masters - System maintenance and development

System maintenance and development

RST Software Masters offers not only software building, but also its deployment and delivery to the end user. We work in largely interdisciplinary teams and in accordance with DevOps principles. Our expertise allows us to achieve high quality combinations of the developed applications with the infrastructure they are based on. In turn, through Continuous Delivery practices, we are able to significantly shorten the time cycle in which features or fixes are implemented.


We have also rich experience in maintaining entire systems and applications in continuous production – naturally, all the while assuring their high availability. This is possible through the development teams’ skilled management of risk and technical debt. To provide our clients with the best support, we additionally offer modern monitoring systems – both manual and automatic (including anomaly detection).


Technologies used by RST Software Masters

How are the best systems created? They are built by devoted designers, architects and developers working together as a team. Ideas and passion are merely the first step. A lot depends on technology. Below you will find a list of the ones we are good at.

  • Elasticsearch
  • Camunda
  • ejabberd
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Redis
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Selenium
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Puppet
  • Vagrant
  • Foreman
  • Docker

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