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Developing customer software and our own startups since 1998

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Why choose RST?

High seniority level

150 regular & senior devs, 9 tech leaders, 7 architects

Shortened time-to-market

thanks to the lean methodology

Coordinating the work of multiple teams

with the use of SAFe

Complete in-house teams

ensure effective development and communication

“RST has given us a stable, modern system that grows with us. With a partner like this, we are well-equipped to keep meeting our customers’ needs and setting the bar for digital development of the TSL industry.”

Bogdan Kosturek

CTO Trans.eu

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes RST Software Masters different? Why should you choose us?

Our experts have extensive experience, they know how to effectively solve complex issues and are not afraid of bold challenges. We cooperate with the best professionals who are passionate about IT. Currently, our crew comprises 150 software engineers in 21 developer teams. The majority of them are senior and regular engineers.

We take on and complete challenging projects on a regular basis. Our estimates are more cautious than those of other software houses, but we are much more predictable. We have unique experience on both sides—not only do we develop software, but we also invest in tech companies ourselves, so we know what it’s like to be a product owner.

We have tremendous project experience and necessary competences in the field of analysis, architecture, design (UX/UI), production, and maintenance and development (dev/ops). This shortens the time of work, facilitates synchronisation, and minimises the risk of communication noise that happens when work is split across multiple providers.

Our staff rotation factor is low. This significantly lowers the risk of the loss of team efficiency and agility, reducing potential financial losses. Our team is stable, so there are no additional costs of new personnel onboarding.

We know how to efficiently coordinate several dozen SCRUM teams working at the same time to finish a project (we’ve passed the Agility Path audit, we use Scaled Agile Framework).

We won’t just disappear out of nowhere one day. We have been operating for 20 years. Even in times of crisis, we have no issue maintaining liquidity and retaining our employees. Thanks to that, you won’t have to worry about suddenly losing your partner when working on large-scale, long-term projects.

What technologies does RST Software Masters use for software development?

Let’s explain our work methodology first. We work in Scrum because we believe that this agile approach to software engineering lets us deliver more value to users. This approach works best when dealing with complex issues and low predictability. It lets us quickly react to the needs of users. We develop and maintain large, highly scalable systems that can stay efficient and keep up with increasing load. We use web technologies in everyday work. With large-scale systems, we rely on microservices that let us flexibly choose various technologies (PHP, NODE.js, JAVA, C++). When choosing technologies for clients, we first check to see how advanced their computerisation process is. Depending on the client’s needs, we adjust the technology to their existing system or design an entirely new solution.

Where does Camunda work best?

Camunda BPM is used by over 500 enterprise-class companies and fast-growing startups all over the world, often to handle critical business processes.

Camunda BPM is made for business. It’s a tool that streamlines process management. Camunda BPM is deployed by companies that need to generate new ways of thinking and viewing their business processes. Using this lightweight engine is particularly recommended for projects where process mapping plays a key role. Camunda BPM is also great for projects that involve multi-step workflows and for integrating multiple systems. If you need a tool that will let you effectively manage and optimise operational processes, and gain new clients by doing so, look no further—Camunda BPM is the perfect choice.