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RST Software Benefits and Challenges of SCRUM


Benefits and Challenges of SCRUM – over 10 years of RST’s experience

26.03.2021 - Read in 8 min.

Read the interview below and learn about our first experiences with SCRUM, when and how we decided to implement it in RST, what challenges arose from this decision and what was essential in the process for the entire organisation. The interview with Łukasz Osiadły was based on the third episode of Drive with IT – 10 years of SCRUM in RST. See how it all started.

Łukasz Osiadły-RST Software

Łukasz Osiadły,
Process Leader

RST Software Culture Book


Culture Book – how to avoid creating yet another advertising booklet

10.03.2021 - Read in 6 min.

When searching for information on a potential business partner or new employer, you probably came across various methods companies use to present themselves. But how to say if what you see is the truth, the presented values are real, and not just another puff full of buzz phrases? Where does the advertising end and the truth and sense of existence of the organisation begin?

Małgorzata Maskiewicz - RST Software

Małgorzata Maskiewicz,
Employer Branding Lead

RST Software Blog - What is automation, what are BPM tools, and how do they work in practice?


What is automation, what are BPM tools, and how do they work in practice?

10.02.2021 - Read in 8 min.

Read our interview based on episode of Drive with IT with Krystian, where he briefly explains the concept of business process automation. Find out about its advantages and in which solutions Camunda can be useful. BPMN diagrams, DMN tables, optimisation and expansion of process models? Enjoy!

Krystian Jaworek - RST Software

Krystian Jaworek,
Technical Architect

RST Software Blog - Benefits and challenges


Benefits and challenges connected with serverless architecture

05.02.2021 - Read in 18 min.

Thinking about using serverless architecture in your current or upcoming project? Maybe you have heard about it or about some other company using it? Regardless of what you know about serverless, this (extended) introduction based on AWS will provide some new information.

RST Software - Blog - Tomek Marcinkowski

Tomek Marcinkowski,

RST Software Blog - UX Designer as a part of scrum team


UX Designer as a part of a SCRUM team

14.01.2021 - Read in 6 min.

How do UX Designers work in a SCRUM team? What experiences has our guest Wojtek had during over 10 years of working as a UX Designer? Read our interview based on episode of Drive with IT.

Wojciech Rusnak-RST Software

Wojciech Rusnak,
UX Designer

RST Software Blog - Scrum, Agile and Remote Work


Agile, Scrum and Remote Work

10.12.2020 - Read in 6 min.

What experiences are present in Scrum Master’s remote work? Can we still talk about agile management? Read this interview to learn how Ewa manages to cope with agile methodologies and how the pandemic impacted her work.

Ewa Felińska-RST Software

Ewa Łątka-Felińska,
Professional Scrum Master

RST Blog - Frontend for backend developers: an introduction to Nuxt.js


Frontend for backend developers: an introduction to Nuxt.js – Part 3

20.10.2020 - Read in 9 min.

After the previous two parts, now it's time for the final part of the introduction to Nuxt.js. From this article you will get to know how to ensure secure communication with API, so that data is displayed in multiple supported locales. I encourage you to read the third and final part of the series.

RST Software Masters

Paweł Grzesiecki,
Technical Team Lead

Cloud ecommerce RST Software


How much can your e-commerce site resist during Black Friday? Cloud solutions for optimising the efficiency of your webstore. Free e-book

19.10.2020 - Read in 1 min.

Find out: How to build an architecture to maintain the efficiency of an e-store with increased traffic of users and buyers in your web store?

Andrzej Lewandowski

Andrzej Lewandowski,
Development Leader, Solutions Architect

RST Software Zaufanie kluczem do rozwoju. Krótko o kulturze feedbacku


Trust is the key to development – a brief overview of the culture of feedback

09.10.2020 - Read in 6 min.

Building the culture of feedback requires the engagement of all members of the team and the organisation. The culture of feedback is not something you create once and for all. See for yourself why it's important to build a good atmosphere and trust among associates in your organisation.

RST Software _ Weronika Zachariasz

Weronika Zachariasz,
HR Specialist

RST Software Blog 5 filarów AWS Well-Architected: V – optymalizacja kosztów (Cost Optimisation)


The 5 Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework: V – Cost Optimisation

08.09.2020 - Read in 13 min.

We encourage you to read the last article from “The 5 Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework” series. It has been based on our cooperation with our clients and on AWS best practices. Let's read about Cost Optimisation.

RST Software Masters

Kamil Herbik,
AWS Cloud Engineer

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