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05.08.2020 - Read in 1 min.

Business Process Automation using BPM. Best Practices. – free e-book

05.08.2020 - Read in 1 min.

When business process automation should be deployed. How to begin business process automation using the BPM engine. How to expand the scope of the Proof of Concept and what to expect from your deployment partner

Automatyzacja procesów biznesowych Camunda e-book
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Lower costs, higher quality, more efficiently serviced and satisfied customers.

Increased employee motivation by relieving them from repeated tasks.

Better transparency and easier process monitoring

There are loads of advantages that can be brought by process automation. Not only corporations like banks, insurance or ICT companies, but also fast-growing startups and the public sector can benefit from that.


Deploying a BPM (Business Process Management) system is helpful in three business contexts:


  • The customer wants to improve the flow of a process  (automate/digitise a solution)
  • The customer wants to document and control a process currently executed by other systems in a distributed way;
  • The customer wants to introduce a brand-new process in their organisation.


Automation brings the biggest advantages in situations where multiple different processes (from sales to service) or mass amounts of process instances (a process instance is understood as e.g. handling a single customer complaint or issuing and verifying the payment of a single invoice) are handled — the so-called scale effect.


These days, thanks to modern, light BPM engines, first results can be seen after just a few weeks. How to do that?



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Business Process Automation


Business Process Automation using BPM. Best Practices.


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4.9/5 - (31 votes)


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