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09.12.2020 - Read in 2 min.

How to get your startup featured on BBC? #Kitche

09.12.2020 - Read in 2 min.

Kitche mobile app was talked about in a few of the most profound media outlets in the UK: BBC, Metro, Guardian and Daily Mail, hitting the featured pages both on Google Play and App Store. Find out how they did that.

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Kitche mobile app was talked about in some of the most well known media outlets in the UK: the BBC, Metro, Guardian and the Daily Mail, making the featured pages both on Google Play and App Store.

Why did it happen?

Did you know that delivering an average meal to one person requires:

  • 10 kilograms of topsoil
  • 1.3 litres of diesel
  • 800 litres of water
  • 0.3 grams of pesticides
  • 3.5 kilograms of CO2-emissions

No? Alex Vlassopulos, CEO of Kitche, did, and he used this knowledge to build a React Native app that helps fight food-waste. If you’d like to find out how did the idea for the company came about, here’s how it happened in his own words:

For more scary statistics about the current rate of food waste the consequences, you can check here and here.

What is Kitche?

Kitche is a mobile app designed to help both save that extra money and reduce the food waste in the United Kingdom.

It is a React Native-based app that works on both Android and iOS, and allows its user to easily monitor their home food stock. We’ve used OCR technology in order to enable fast and reliable scanning features that are used to scan all major UK supermarkets’ receipts and automatically stars keeping track of the food.

For instance, it finds beef on the list, then adds it to your home stock and assigns a default freshness period of 5 days. When the 5 days are about to expire, it informs you with a push notification.

When something does go off, you swipe it in the app, and it goes into your “Tossed” statistics, which allow you to keep track of the money lost due to your personal food-waste habits.

Recipes for whatever is in your fridge

To keep you motivated to use the food before it spoils, we’ve integrated the app with an external API, which gives you access to over 360 000 recipes and what’s more the Kitche app shows you those that can be prepared using the food you have.

And to top it off, the app also conveniently removes the need to remember what the hell do I have in the fridge. When you’re on the go, you can simply open your home food stock list and check what you have and whether it’s still fresh enough for your evening meal.

Considering that the app is free, it would be a crime not to use it. And even if you don’t care about saving almost a grand each year then the sheer convenience of managing all of your food stock with an app still makes it worth installing.

Kitche is a great example of using React Native technology to enable fast app development for both iOS and Android. If you’re thinking about building a startup that is going to be delivered and tested in a short amount of time, contact us. We’ll be glad to chat and help.


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