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Developing customer software and our own startups since 1998. Due to continuous monitoring of systems and metrics, as well as conscious planning of the architecture and technologies used, we’re a strong partner for our clients.


Prototype project of document flow automation in one of the largest companies in the CFM industry in Poland


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Car Fleet Management - Business Process Automation
InfoGym Logo

We developed the multiplatform mobile app that helps people improve their training results through access to trainers and 3D exercise guides.

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UI Mockups

Electrolux | RST Software

A door measurement visualisation system for one of major Home Appliance manufacturers.

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Interface electrolux

We redesigned and developed a system for factoring and debt collection for the transport industry.

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TRANSCASH - it system factoring

Sonel Client

We have created a platform that allows Sonel distributors to open their own online stores based on the Sonel catalog.

This helped the company increase its sales range and improve cooperation with distributors.

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E-commerce B2B

Based on cloud solutions, we built a custom PIM/PXM system to integrate data about 100 000 products, contractors, sales channels, and other resources in a single place. Thanks to this, Artgeist was able to increase sales by 300%.

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platforma e-commerce b2b


Volunteering platform that allows people to travel around the world and help others in return for a free stay.


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Subscription Based App Development


Our challenge was to develop a fully-featured translation platform and a set of mobile apps to give businesses universal access to professional translators for a cheaper and fair price.

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Easytranslate app development

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Trans | RST Software Masters

RST Software Clients Artgeist


santander bank

mphasis it client

Bank Pekao

rws moravia

Electrolux | RST Software

Ubezpieczeniowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny

“Thanks to the implementation of the door measurement visualization system, we follow the trend of the production quality of individual components in a constant manner. Monitoring the quality trend allows us to respond much faster to remove the causes of incorrect assembly.”


Quality Manager
Electrolux Poland Sp. z o.o.



Camunda Platinum Partner Certified




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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of switching to microservices?

As a software house, we do know from practice that limiting the role of the monolith by deploying microservices architecture brings numerous business advantages. The system offers higher scalability, and the business can independently and easily deploy components and offer new functionalities to its customers. By deciding to switch to this agile and highly-scalable architecture, your business can successfully adapt to the actual expectations of your users. See other benefits of switching to microservices:

  • freedom in simultaneously expanding your apps in multiple directions
  • shortened release time for new functionalities / versions of the system
  • limited dependency on a single software developer
  • limiting the number of downtimes caused by failed upgrades
  • increased user satisfaction, brand affinity, and the value of your business
  • decrease of the total cost of system maintenance
  • reduction of technical debt
  • the ability to individually apply the best technologies in various parts of the system

How is Camunda BPM deployed?

RST Software Masters has a complete and experienced team of developers, programmers, and analysts ready to deploy Camunda BPM in a short period of time. The main steps include modelling, integration, monitoring, and optimisation. We will help your business analysts in creating process models, identifying workflows, defining the scope of cooperation with developers, and deployment planning.

All this with the use of a highly intuitive Camunda Modeler app. We assign a team of experts who will relieve your personnel and provide support in overcoming challenges associated with the migration of both process definitions and actual instances of processes. We’ll take care of the integration with existing systems and apps.

We’ll help you in configuring monitoring parameters on the control panel, so that you can quickly check what is happening in your system and pinpoint individual process instances based on various criteria. We’ll assist you in preparing problem analyses and solutions.

We realise how important it is to continuously improve processes and decision tables by ensuring transparency in automated workflows and decisions. We’ll help you to generate friendly reports and alerts to identify bottlenecks and streamline the entire process.

What is RST Software Masters’ Knowledge Base?

Seated in Wrocław, our Software House has been operating for over 20 years. During that time, we have been creating tailor-made software, which enabled us to gather knowledge and experience that we like to share with you. We create articles, reports, and other materials, where we answer the most bothering questions and explain complicated IT concepts. Our experts share their experiences and knowledge during multiple industry events both in Poland and all over the world. Check our rich compendium of knowledge.

How do you create tailor-made software?

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. Therefore when creating tailor-made software, we optimally select the best methods and the project team, so that our IT solutions can bring anticipated business value. We build bespoke apps using the best practices and technologies in order to provide our customers with effective and stable solutions. During the entire project, our customers have a tangible impact on our work and setting the direction of development for the software under construction. 

Our highly-scalable systems can be easily modified and expanded. The solutions we design comply with the latest UX standards. When creating tailor-made apps, we use the most effective solutions on the market, which ensures the high performance of our systems.