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Car Fleet Management - Automatyzacja - Case Study Car Fleet Management - Automatyzacja - Case Study Car Fleet Management - Automatyzacja - Case Study

Prototype project of document flow automation

in one of the largest companies in the CFM industry in Poland

Technologies used in the project

Camunda AWS Azure Cognitive Services
Camunda AWS Azure Cognitive Services

Car Fleet Management - Automatyzacja - Case Study


Polish branch of the global provider of Car Fleet Management services

Alphabet is one of the largest global providers of Car Fleet Management services, represented in 31 countries and currently financing a fleet of over 720.000 cars.

19 000

Alphabet currently manages a fleet of 19.000 cars in Poland


Alphabet Polska is part of the BMW group


Alphabet is active in 31 countries around the world

Car Fleet Management - Automatyzacja - Case Study



Automated workflow for thousands of paper documents

Alphabet Polska processes thousands of invoices and paper documents necessary to manage a fleet of 19 000 cars.

The company’s goal was to accelerate business development through document workflow automation.


Project goal: a working prototype in 8 weeks

Our goal was to create a prototype of an application enabling digital document flow utilizing the optical character recognition (OCR) service and Camunda Platform (a process and decision automation platform).

We wanted to build a prototype that would allow us to verify whether the tools we selected would support the implementation of Alphabet Polska’s vision of automation.

Camunda Platform BPM




The requirement for the prototype built for Alphabet Polska was to ensure smooth, automatic processing of the documents scanned by the employees. Below is a simplified model of the automated workflow.

Process Model Process Model Process Model

Project scope


Creation of a process model using Camunda Cawemo

workflow engine

Model implementation using the Camunda Workflow Engine


Selection and implementation of the most appropriate OCR tool

it architecture

Creating an architecture that will enable quick verification of the assumptions and transfer of the application to the client’s infrastructure

UI interface

Designing and implementing an intuitive user interface

AWS cloud

Maintaining the application in the AWS Cloud infrastructure

The core functionalities we implemented

Automatic OCR conversion

Management of added and processed documents

Automatic assignment of cases to appropriate departments

Visual user interface

Notifications of new documents for verification

Correction of fields not recognized by the OCR system

Funkcjonalności systemu Car Fleet Management Funkcjonalności systemu Funkcjonalności systemu Car Fleet Management

Clean user interface

User Interface Car Fleet Management - Automatyzacja - Case Study User Interface Car Fleet Management - Automatyzacja - Case Study Car Fleet Management - Automatyzacja - Case Study
Wojciech Rusnak

When working on UX mock-ups, we wanted to design a clean, intuitive interface that dramatically simplifies the processes.


The needs of the end user and development time were the two critical aspects for us. We worked in short sprints to quickly gather feedback from the client and adjust.


Senior UX Designer at RST Software Masters

We chose Camunda Platform
as the process engine


Thanks to Camunda Platform, people who care about business processes in the company can easily build new process models and modify them using the BPMN 2.0 visual language.

Thanks to a transparent model, it’s very easy for every person in the company to find information about a process.

The organization can thus more dynamically respond to legal, tax and economic changes.

Camunda Optimize

We have made it easier to detect inefficient elements of the process

Camunda Optimize

The Camunda Optimize tool allows us to monitor metrics and generate heatmaps visualizing the workload of a process. In addition, it allows users to generate reports, create alerts and dashboards.

People responsible for the process can identify bottlenecks in the process (e.g. unavailability of services or impossibility to replace employees) and eliminate them.

Technologies used in the project


Project results

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

The prototype made it possible to verify how useful the selected technologies (especially Camunda Platform and Azure Cognitive Services) would be in the implementation of the long-term vision of process automation at Alphabet Polska.

The prototype proved that the process orchestration technology was appropriately selected in terms of the benefits and possible implementation in the client’s infrastructure.

Document flow 8 tygodni

8 weeks

We built the prototype in the shortest possible time. Thanks to this, Alphabet Polska quickly gained knowledge about the possibility of using technology in the automation of future processes.

Alphabet Polska - Car Fleet Management

„It took the RST Software Masters team 8 weeks to complete PoC, including document flow automation using Camunda Platform and Azure Cognitive Services and intuitive user interface.


The team started the project with collecting our needs and requirements. As a result, the next stages of the project ran really smoothly.”


Deputy Operations and BPM Director / Proxy

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