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Transport platform
connecting 45 countries throughout
Europe and Asia

Scope of cooperation

Architecture | RST Software Masters🥇


Development | RST Software Masters🥇


System maintenance | RST Software Masters🥇

System maintenance

Goal of the project

Digital transformation and business scaling through the deployment of modern IT solutions.

TransMessenger 🥇 RST Software

To create, maintain, and expand a scalable system. Implementing functional changes and determining directions of the development based on the ever-changing market conditions.

RST Software Trans.eu
case study Trans.eu | RST Software Masters

About the client

One of Europe’s major marketplaces for the transport industry

Trans.eu platform - case study - RST Software

The Trans.eu platform was created in 2005. It gathers freight forwarders, logistics operators, and carriers in the largest transport community in Europe.

The company operates on an international scale: it opens new branches and hires over 700 people.

RST Software Masters is the main developer of the modern Trans.eu platform that handles over 100,000 users per day. It comprises vehicle and load exchange. 

Technologies used in the project

Android | RST Software Technology Angular | RST Software Technology Typescript | RST Software Technology 🥇 Graphql | Technology | RST Software 🥇 React | RST Software 🥇 Ecmascript | RST Software 🥇 Rabbitmq |RST Software 🥇 Wso2 |Technology | RST Software 🥇 Rest |Technology | RST Software 🥇 Camunda BPM -logo- RST Software Masters ✅ Node.js | RST Software Technology JAVA | RST Software ✅ PHP | RST Software Technology Go |Technology | RST Software 🥇 c++ | RST Software 🥇 Redis | Technology | RST Software 🥇 Mysql | Technology | RST Software 🥇 Postgreesq | Technology | RST Software 🥇 Elk | RST Software 🥇 Devops | RST Software 🥇 Puppet | RST Software 🥇 Gitlab |Technology | RST Software 🥇 Jira |Technology | RST Software 🥇

Technologies we have integrated with

Macrologicerp |Technology | RST Software 🥇 PayPal | RST Software 🥇 Payu | RST Software 🥇

Technological challenges

Microservices_Monolit | RST Software 🥇

Switching from the monolith to microservices

The extensive scope of functionalities supported by the Trans.eu system as well as various expectations regarding system scalability were the triggers to switch to a microservices architecture. By implementing a solution of this kind, we made sure that our client is more resilient to potential faults, and we increased the reliability of the platform itself. The microservices architecture allowed us to shorten time-to-market for new functionalities of the system. By switching from the monolith to microservices, the system could be simultaneously developed by numerous development teams. This model significantly streamlines the organisation of development works.

Technological upgrade | RST Software 🥇

Technological upgrade

Technological development and a fast growth of the company meant that the existing technologies had to be changed. During consulting, we initiated the use of new programming languages, database technologies, and readymade solutions like Camunda BPM. Our extensive experience in building systems with complex architectures enabled us to implement changes to improve work efficiency, e.g. by reducing the time for manual work conducted by the employee by 90%.

Synchronous to asynchronous | RST Software 🥇

Switching from synchronous to asynchronous communication

The changes we had implemented in the system architecture of Trans.eu resulted in an increased system performance when dealing with problems with individual components. Switching from synchronous to asynchronous communication ensured better user accessibility and easier system condition monitoring.


Case Study

Integration with external services, e.g. credit bureaus or government databases

We have integrated the Trans.eu system with external services, such as payment systems (PayU, PayPal), financial systems, e.g. Macrologic, or credit bureaus or government databases. We combine many systems and we build open API platforms for external partners www.trans.eu/pl/integracja. The system became more user-friendly, and the business itself increased its scalability.

19 development teams working in SAFe


People working on the project




Software testers



Selected metrics used in the project


Service Level Agreement 99.98%

Net Promoter Score

Customer loyalty ratings

Project Metrics

  • time-to-market
  • number of errors reported by the users
  • time to fix errors
  • predictability of the teams
  • IMO(B) report (Innovation, Maintenance, Organization, Bugs) – time spent on individual stages of work

Business Metrics

  • number of offers on the exchange 
  • number of transactions on the exchange
  • number of reviews of transactions
Trans.eu transport platform - 🥇 RST Software

RST has given us a stable, modern system that grows with us. With a partner like this, we are well-equipped to keep meeting our customers’ needs and setting the bar for digital development of the TSL industry.


CTO Trans.eu

Key functionalities

Order exchange - 🥇 RST Software

Order exchange

  • Compilation of offers and orders
  • Monitoring and system notifications informing about new offers
  • SmartSort (quick matching of offers with the type of business)
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B2B messenger - 🥇 RST Software

B2B messenger

  • Fast, multi-user communication
  • Transfer of documents
  • Translations related to this sector
  • Access to chat history
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Fleet management - 🥇 RST Software

Fleet management

  • Vehicle identification
  • Vehicle availability calculation
  • Assessment of telematic parameters
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Maps - 🥇 RST Software

Maps and geolocation

  • Route management
  • Searching on the map
  • TransParking and BansForTrucks supporting apps
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RST Software - Order management

Order management

  • Scanning
  • Identification
  • Transfer of documents
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Factoring and debt collection

  • Scoring business credibility and lowering ratings
  • Collection and sales of liabilities
  • Factoring
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Results - 🥇 RST Software

99,8% SLA

40 00040 k.

Registered companies

6 500 0006.5 mln

Daily messages

400 000400 k.

Daily offers

100 000100 k.

Online users

See how it works

Download apps supporting Trans.eu

TransParking 🥇 RST Software TransMessenger 🥇 RST Software
Sign TransParking 🥇 RST Software


TransParking is a free app that shows you nearby parking areas for trucks in a matter of seconds.

Bans For Trucks 🥇 RST Software
bans-for-trucks-sign 🥇 RST Software

Bans For Trucks

Temporary driving restrictions and traffic bans for trucks in a single intuitive app.

TransMessenger 🥇 RST Software TransMessenger 🥇 RST Software
TransMessenger 🥇 RST Software


TransMessenger allows you to instantly contact people from your contact list in the Trans.eu system messenger.



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