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Serverless - AWS Lambda Practice


Thinking about using serverless architecture in your current or upcoming project? Maybe you have heard about it or about some other company using it?

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service, is an example of a Function-as-a-Service solution, where you write the code, create a package, send it to you service hosted by the provider, and there you go – your app is implemented.


Benefits of Serverless - AWS Lambda

Why migrate systems to serverless services? There are several benefits at different levels:


  • a niche technology with a growing demand – benefits for a developer,
  • a perfect tool for prototyping (not only for start-ups!),
  • maximisation of time-to-market,
  • minimisation of operational costs (mostly maintenance),
  • focus on values delivered by the software.


RST Case Study - AWS Lambda

For one of the largest Polish manufacturers of high-quality measuring devices, we have developed an e-commerce B2B2C system to support online sales in an easy and quick manner. 


During this process we recognized some problems connected with loading and increasing effectiveness of positioning the webpage in the search engines (crawling robots).


Additionally the response time of the page was too slow.


Technology Solution

There are two concise AWS Lambda functions in the system.

The first of them has the main purpose to serve static websites. 

The second function has the main purpose of generating sitemap xml files.

The whole application consists of two main parts: server side and static frontend side, which is dynamically created thanks to the AWS Lambda solution. The Server side is located on Amazon ECS and consists of the API (admin and Web) and also includes the authentication server.


The Web API contains data that is transferred to AWS Lambda, thanks to which it generates a static page (HTML, CSS and JS).

Which is done as follows:



Client sends request via Amazon CloudFront distribution to API Gateway endpoint. 




Amazon API Gateway calls AWS Lambda function 




AWS Lambda loads the website, loads the data against context from cookies and returns the HTML with CSS and JS, which is additionally cached.


Creating an e-commerce B2B2C system to support online sales in an easy and quick manner.

Reducing the page load time from +3 sec to less than 1 second. Enabling the client to start work on the positioning of the website in the search results.

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