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Firstly – ideas. Secondly – great craftsmanship.

Why are we named RST Software Masters? Because the craftsmen of old are our role models. Like them, we care for mastery in our craft – creating valuable, useful, convenient software.

RST Software Masters - a committed software house

Years of experience have taught us that even the best idea for a digital product, before it will become successful, needs to be implemented on the market, confronted with user reactions and constantly improved. Which is precisely what we do every day – design, maintain and improve software, while keeping in mind its business value and user satisfaction.

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We have practical experience in digital transformation which we gained while building digital platforms browsed by a multitude of users. We offer services in several fields concerning software development.

RST Software Masters - Custom tailored software.

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Is a high standard system important to you? We design, maintain and develop IT systems on demand.

RST Software Masters - Strategies and digital innovations


Have you got your eyes set on a digital transformation? By utilizing the newest technologies, we can help you develop a digital strategy while keeping in mind current trends and expectations.

Solutions for industries

Solutions for industries

From the idea to the final solution. We offer complex service - from the selection of software architecture to its production and integration with existing systems, maintenance and further development.



We deliver intuitive and reliable systems. We develop scalable, efficient systems and platforms.We create systems that we’d like to use ourselves.


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Knowledge base

Agile Guide for business - RST Software Masters

Agile Guide for business


Authors: Internal experts of RST Software Masters with the substantive support from ING Tech Poland and SSW Pragmatic Solutions


Agile boosts employee engagement and motivation. It reduces attrition and increases loyalty. It improves the product and strengthens the organization. 


Sounds good, doesn't it? How to achieve it? Find out from our ebook. 

RST Software Masters - Elasticsearch free ebook



Author: Tomasz Banasiak

RST Software Masters expert


If you need to search, group and filter large amounts of data in almost real time, check Elasticsearch.


Read our case study and find out how Elasticsearch works in practice.

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Masters Software House — we program your success

Can you be a craftsman and a programmer at the same time? Can you combine traditional values with modern solutions? Absolutely! We believe that programming is a modern craft. While it might seem that IT has almost nothing in common with the handiwork of craftsmen of old, it’s their work that inspires us. Why? Because just like them, we make sure our work is masterful – by creating valuable, helpful, and easy to use software.