RST to Electrolux: Door measurement visualization system

Increase the efficiency of the production process

“Thanks to the implementation of the door measurement visualization system, we follow the trend of the quality of production of individual components in a constant manner. Monitoring the quality trend allows us to respond much faster to remove the causes of incorrect assembly. By minimizing the scale of produced components that do not meet the quality criteria, we increase the final efficiency of the production process.”

Quality Manager at Electrolux Poland Sp. z o.o.

Door measurement visualization - case study Electrolux
Door measurement visualization - RST Software Masters to Electrolux

How it was before?

The data set did not show the trend of changes in measurements in time.

Installation of the door for household appliances depends on precisely gluing together the glass and two columns.

The quality control of this component is based primarily on measuring dimensions with high accuracy.

It is carried out by precisely measuring the distance between six specified points. The measured data must be within the defined tolerance range to assess whether the door meets the quality standard.

Every day, dozens of measurements of various types of doors for household appliances are made.

At the end of each we received a report containing a set of six measurement results for specific components. It was important for us to respond quickly and eliminate the causes of recurring errors in assembly.

Working on the door measurement visualization system - RST Software Masters

Cooperation with RST Software Masters

From the very beginning, we talked about the project in "the same language ", feeling mutual understanding of the subject.

Technology and architecture selection made by the experts
The RST development team selected technology and architecture in such a way, so that the implemented system for the visualization of door measurements would meet the requirements in terms of functionality and integration.

We had an idea that we wanted to translate into an IT solution.
Based on our idea, the RST Software Masters team has developed the implementation concept with the mockup that was to visualize the views of the future application. We quickly started to work together on the concept.

What helped there was the use of mockups and our direct contact with the development team.
Together, we chose the infrastructure for the designed system. We decided on 55-inch monitors. The measurement trends are displayed on them in high resolution.

RST Software Masters - technology and architecture selection made by RST developers
  • Kotlin
  • Typescript
  • GraphQL
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap
  • MariaDB
  • CentOS
  • Docker
Effects after implementation

Up-to-date visualized trend of the assembly quality enables quick response.

  • Three months after the implementation of the system, there were noticeable effects in the form of reduced scale of manufactured doors that did not meet the quality control criteria.
  • When the chart shows that subsequent measurements indicate decreasing assembly quality, we start corrective actions.
  • The system works steadily, providing the assembly operators with up-to-date information on the quality of their work.
  • The value added in relation to the previous solution is the possibility to report the measurement results history.
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