33 metrics for digital platform

RST Software Masters - 33 metrics for digital platform

“When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; [otherwise] your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind (…).” – William Thomson.


If you want to receive precise data concerning your system, use metrics. What is a metric? Simply said, it is a numerical value which determines a characteristic of a given system – for instance, time which the system needs to be operational after booting.


Using metrics is the first step towards an honest evaluation of the functional quality of software. A very important KPI for the organization can be created based on them. Such KPIs can, for instance, evaluate user satisfaction levels or user loyalty.

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When should you implement metrics?

While metrics are worth implementing right at the start, they become especially important once the system user base starts to grow at a regular pace and you wish to ensure their high satisfaction level.

What to measure?

Metrics encompass evaluations of product quality, ongoing processes and generated benefits. Based on our own experiences, we prepared a set of guidelines that will help you maintain high quality, efficiency and system availability. Using them supports all phases of software development.

Why are metrics effective?

Well matched metrics help to maintain high user satisfaction. That translates to providing users with better, more efficient and more enjoyable user experience while using the system.

What is the business value of implementing metrics?

First, metrics are the first step towards an honest evaluation of the functional quality of the software and user satisfaction. Second, they make it possible to consciously monitor how changes in software influence said parameters and how to work towards their improvement. If efforts are properly aimed, both customer experience and customer loyalty towards the product will increase, followed by the brands market value. How do you benefit from using metrics well-matched for your system? You save time and avoid additional costs thanks to errors being detected in real-time. Accurate software parameters are the first step towards higher sales and lower customer support costs.

Customer experience metrics

After pondering over what metrics would be essential for providing software quality, we singled out 10 fields. Next, we compiled a short list that includes 33 metrics which we consider a good starting point for periodical Customer Experience monitoring.

This ebook was written by Marek Ziółkowski, Chief Solutions Officer at RST Software Masters, who has many years of experience in metrics application in systems used by high numbers of users.

RST Software Masters - User usage

User usage

RST Software Masters - Security


RST Software Masters - Quality assurance

Quality assurance

RST Software Masters - Availability


RST Software Masters - bugs


RST Software Masters - Response time

Response time

RST Software Masters - Agility


RST Software Masters - Resource utilization

Resource utilization

RST Software Masters - Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

RST Software Masters - Technical debt

Technical debt

System availability and dependability

RST Software Masters - 33 metrics - Dostępność i niezawodność systemu

By measuring processes, you can make rational decisions on what solutions to implement, how to develop systems, where to invest and where bottlenecks are. Measuring is the only method which can provide you with reliable data about events in the IT system. However, determining good metrics requires high maturity on the side of the business. What should the metrics be? First – intelligible, simple and easy to calculate. Second, useful – this means they should provide data helpful for maintaining and developing the system. Additionally, it's good to remember never to rely on just one single metric. A single metric, especially in the case of complex processes, doesn't provide a satisfactory amount of data.

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