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We’ll help you develop your product more efficiently with cloud computing. 


We provide cloud solutions that increase your system’s efficiency and help you optimise selected business areas. AWS Cloud will make you more agile and efficient.


What’s more, you benefit from scalability and only pay for the resources you actually use — no need to invest in an infrastructure. 


RST Software Masters acts as official AWS Consulting Partner comes handy.


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Our Cloud Services

We work at every step of cloud transformation. Using the cloud is first and foremost a chance for our customers to develop their products in an agile, faster way.

Cloud Consulting - RST Software Masters

Cloud consulting

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Cloud consulting

Do you want to talk about cloud safety? Maybe you’re interested in launching a product abroad? We support our customers as they develop their business in the cloud.  We recommend architecture and technology to match the advancement level and functionalities with the actual needs of the customer and the current stage of their product development.

Cloud Migration - RST Software Masters

Cloud migration

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Cloud migration

We support the process of migrating data, apps, and other business components from a physical infrastructure into the cloud or from one cloud service provider to another. We work in accordance with best practices in cloud design, prioritizing business objectives of the customer.

cloud build

Cloud development

Cloud Development - RST Software Masters

Cloud development

We support our customers in creating and developing apps ready to be used in the office, usually based on microservice architecture and modern platforms such as PaaS or FaaS.


For companies that must maintain some of their applications in existing data centers, we offer a Cloud Hybrid solution. It allows you to use all the functionalities of public computing clouds while maintaining your existing on-premises infrastructure.

Cloud Containerization


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Containers are universal. Thanks to them, your app will work exactly the same in every environment. You will avoid vendor-lock in.  AWS Cloud supports containers with ECS, ECR, and EKS services. The first one runs containers, the second one is used to store images, and the third one is Kubernetes as a service in AWS. 

AWS Certified Partner

Our Consulting AWS Partner status is a proof of our skills, expertise and know-how, which allows us to provide high quality services.

RST Software Masters - Cloud journey
Cloud journey roadmap

We design, implement, and optimise scalable solutions based on the cloud.

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RST Cloud journey
  • We believe that accessibility of the cloud and its assets influences the agility in providing your product’s increment.
  • We adjust the solution to the scale and usage of the system and propose audit in the following five areas: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.
  • We follow The Well-Architected Framework to provide secure, reliable, and almost entirely self-service apps or systems. We ensure that your app architecture is prepared for the requirements your app must meet.
  • We have extensive competencies and experience in working on large projects, aimed at building cloud apps from scratch, migrating a part of or a whole business to the cloud, or maintaining and developing apps/systems in the cloud.
  • We rely on metrics — we’ll tell you what should be measured and why, in order to ensure maximum availability and flexibility of your system.
  • We build business in the cloud.
RST Software Masters - Camunda BPM
RST Software Masters - firmy, które wdrożyły Camunda BPM
Cloud services models
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service – providing infrastructure in the cloud
  • SaaS – Software as a Service – access to cloud apps
  • PaaS – Platform as a Service – a readymade, preconfigured working environment for developers, enabling them to create, test, deploy, maintain, and develop apps
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