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Custom Software Development – act on a bigger scale

By creating dedicated, highly accessible software, we enable our customers to efficiently scale their businesses.

Our Software Development Services

Product Design - UX

Product Design

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Web & Mobile Development

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E-commerce B2B

Custom E-Commerce B2B Software

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modernizacja systemów legacy

Legacy Systems Modernization

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Experts in highly scalable and highly accessible apps

Scalability and high accessibility

Native apps for the cloud thanks to microservices and containerisation.

Experienced engineers who are easy to work with

150 regular & senior devs, 9 tech leaders, and 7 architects, who regularly develop their soft skills.

Coordinating the work of multiple teams

We use the Scaled Agile Framework, and we have passed the Agility Path audit.

Rapid delivery of value

We deliver a new functional release every two weeks

Great UX/UI

Intuitive and visually appealing UIs tested with actual end-users.

High-quality cooperation

Apart from looking after the quality of the code, we focus on building transparent and close relationship with our clients.

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We offer agile development
and tailor-made software


Usability and technology tests and audits

We start by learning about your needs and discovering what users expect from your software.

During joint workshops, we uncover and analyse that information in order to create a personalised proposition of the scope of work. We also check competitive solutions, as well as analyse user expectations and habits.

We use qualitative and quantitative data, such as surveys, usage analyses, interviews, and client behaviour observation. This helps us learn more about your business and the needs of your users.

After verifying and analysing data, we recommend the scope of work, technical architecture of the solution, and a tech stack that’s best suited for your project.


Agile UX/UI development

We offer a full scope of UX/UI services – from quick sketches, through clickable b&w mockups, to interactive, colourful, graphical prototypes. 

Our prototypes are so similar to fully operational systems that users testing them think they’re dealing with finished products.

We use sprints during development. This means that just like in software development, we design and test a project in a single iteration to receive customer feedback, which is then used to enhance the product.

Thanks to that approach and colourful, clickable mockups, you can see what your product may look like, and check customer response before you give it the green light. The final delivery is a Visual StyleGuide or a Design System, which enables quick creation of front-end solutions.


Agile software development

After verifying the effectiveness of the prototype, we begin development work.

We are known for creating high-quality software. The testing process spans the entire development cycle, which lets the product owner quickly react to any needs and implement changes just-in-time.

We build in an agile way, using two-week sprints. Thanks to that, you receive a new version of your system in a very short time. We’re talking a finished product for your users. Iterations enable us to verify whether the designed solution is effective.

We use a microservices architecture, which guarantees that the system is more scalable and the business itself can independently deploy new components.

We create and further develop apps both for on-premise and cloud infrastructures. We use the full security, scalability, and performance potential of cloud services.


Maintenance, development, and optimisation

When designing an architecture, right from the very beginning we consider its accessibility and usefulness by meeting a defined SLA level for finished, operating software.

We enable monitoring of system and user behaviour to see if the product is meeting its goals. For that, we use metrics that serve as the grounds for any decisions regarding the way in which the functionality and architecture of the system should be optimised. 

We believe that product development relies on an ongoing monitoring and testing whether its components work as intended. If the solution is well-received by the market, the product and the organisation can be scaled.

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Tech stack and production processes that support effective scaling

We have strong competences in the area of web technologies and developing large systems based on microservice infrastructure, which allows us to flexibly apply appropriate technologies to specific parts of the system.

Stack Technologiczny RST Software Masters Stack Technologiczny RST Software Masters
Custom Software Development

Technical quality standard

Custom Software Development
  • Definition of done – unified acceptance criteria for each task (user story)
  • Ongoing reviews of concepts and codes
  • Maintaining compliance with established standards
    (e.g. API format, coding conventions)
  • Error handling policy (defined response times)
  • Multilevel tests – acceptance tests, integration tests, unit tests (recommended code coverage of at least 80%)
  • Testing spans the entire development cycle, which lets the product owner quickly react to any needs and implement changes just-in-time 
  • High accessibility (copying key components, balancing mechanisms, observability, availability checks, avoiding “single points of failures”)

Production and cooperation standard

Custom Software Development
  • Coordinating the work of multiple teams – with the use of SAFe and Agility Path
  • In-house teams ensure effective development and communication
  • Our teams are supported by certified, experienced Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches who are active in the Scrum Masters Community
  • We support the system owner in managing technological debt by matching technologies and solutions to actual needs
  • Transparency, metrics, and communication between the product owner and the solution provider – streamlined development control
Custom Software Development


End-to-end competences

We have a full set of competences to build modern, cloud-native web apps.

Vendor Lock In

Minimizing vendor lock-in

We build competences of our team members and use widespread technologies.

Dlug Techniczny

Keeping technological debt under control

We select innovative technologies individually for specific applications, where they can bring concrete business value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does RST Software Masters specialise in?

We have strong competences in the area of web technologies and developing large systems based on microservice infrastructure, which allows us to flexibly apply appropriate technologies to specific points in various parts of the system. We can handle large challenges – we build systems for daily and intensive use by hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously.

What does RST Software Masters offer?

We offer agile design and development of bespoke software solutions. We build on-demand systems and apps, such as B2B platforms, marketplace software, CRM systems for sales and customer service, as well as systems for project management and dedicated mobile apps.

However, we go beyond software creation. We model, deploy, and optimise business processes with the use of Camunda BPM. Using cloud solutions, we design, implement, and optimise scalable, tailor-made solutions. We are experts in UX and Product Design. The real test for an app or a system is when it’s tested by the user. That is why each of our products is tested in terms of usability for its future users, and then developed in accordance with their actual needs.

What does it mean that RST quickly delivers business value?

We put operating software above documentation. The latter is also created, but our priority is to deliver stable, operating software as fast as possible to satisfy business needs. Every two weeks, we share a new release of operating software, which gives you the opportunity to confront the results of our work with the market and expectations of actual end-users. This way, we shorten the time-to-delivery for valuable software that meets the current market expectations in the best possible way.

What does RST Software Masters’ technological stack look like?

We have a full scope of competences (end-to-end) to build modern, cloud-native web apps. We ensure the multiplication of competences within teams, and we use widespread technologies, so that our clients can avoid the risk of a vendor lock-in. We select innovative technologies for specific points, where they can bring concrete business value, by consciously managing technological debt.

How does RST Software Masters understand scalability and high accessibility?

We use microservice architecture and containers to design native apps for the cloud. This gives you freedom in expanding your business. We constantly monitor the business value of individual releases, and we check how system functionalities meet customer expectations.
We use well-proven and well-known technologies, enabling conscious, point-wise use of innovations where required by the business.

RST has given us a stable, modern system that grows with us. With a partner like this, we are well-equipped to keep meeting our customers’ needs and setting the bar for digital development of the TSL industry

Bogdan Kosturek

CTO Trans.Eu

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