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Cloud AWS Consulting Partner RST Software

Product scaling by cloud solutions

We provide cloud solutions that increase your system’s efficiency and help your clients optimise selected business areas. AWS Cloud helps them become more agile and efficient.

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We design, implement, and optimise
scalable system based on the cloud.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

We recommend architecture and technology to match the advancement level and functionalities with the actual needs of the client and the current stage of their product development.

Cloud Migration RST Software

Cloud Migration

We support the process of migrating data, apps, and other business components from a physical infrastructure into the cloud or from one cloud service provider to another. 

Rozwój chmury RST Software

Cloud Development

We support our clients in creating and developing cloud native apps, usually based on microservice architecture and cloud services  models such as PaaS or FaaS.



We create container based solutions, to give our customers system flexibility, scalability and help them avoid vendor-lock in.

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First partner
in Poland

consulting partner

Forbes Award

We are
a group

Knowledge of scaling systems

for daily and intensive use of hundreds of thousands of users at the same time

High seniority level

150 regular & senior devs, 9 tech leaders, 7 architects

Wide range of competence and certifications

including 51 AWS accreditations and certifications

Experience in Scaled Agile Framework (SAF)

managing more than 20 teams working on the same product at the same time

Cloud AWS Consulting Partner RST Software
Cloud RST Software

RST Cloud Journey

Cloud RST Software

We believe that accessibility of the cloud and its assets influences the agility in providing your product’s increment.

We adjust the solution to the scale and usage of the system and propose audit in the following five areas: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimisation.

We follow The Well-Architected Framework to provide secure, reliable, and almost entirely self-service apps or systems. We ensure that your app architecture is prepared for the requirements your app must meet.

We have extensive competencies and experience in working on large projects, aimed at building cloud apps from scratch, migrating a part of or a whole business to the cloud, or maintaining and developing apps/systems in the cloud.

We rely on metrics — we’ll tell you what should be measured and why, in order to ensure maximum availability and flexibility of your system.

We build business in the cloud.

Microservices on AWS platform

DevOps Microservices RST Software


AWS offers a complex support of computing services, which allows you to create, implement and operate microservices in an effective, secure, and innovative computing cloud.

Logging Microservices RST Software

Storage & Databases

Scalable, durable, and secure data storage. AWS supports various data models and enables the creation of highly scalable, distributed apps based on the microservices architecture.

Logging Microservices RST Software


AWS provides networking services with high-throughput and sub-millisecond latency, which ensures quick deployments of new microservices, as well as security, accessibility, efficiency, manageability, and global reach of the app.

Logging Microservices RST Software


Inter-process communication is realised in the form of a fully managed pub/sub messaging service that makes it easy to scale microservices.

Logging Microservices RST Software

Logging and Monitoring

Monitoring service performance and resource utilization. AWS allows you to monitor the microservices architecture in order to optimise its operation and troubleshoot any issues.

DevOps Microservices RST Software


AWS offers a set of services that enable developers to rapidly and safely deliver software, and to build new microservices.


Cloud computing models

Cloud RST Software IAAS


Infrastructure as a Service – providing infrastructure in the cloud

Cloud RST Software SaaS


Software as a Service – access to cloud apps

Cloud RST Software PaaS


Platform as a Service – a readymade, preconfigured working environment for developers, enabling them to create, test, deploy, maintain, and develop apps

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Agata Szczepańska-RST Software

Agata Szczepańska

International Business Development Manager


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose microservices?

  1. You have the ability to freely develop your application in several directions at the same time
  2. Shorten release time of new functionalities or your system versions
  3. Increase user satisfaction, their attachment to your system, as well as the brand value of your company
  4. Reduce overall system maintenance costs
  5. You have the ability to apply the best technologies to a given area of the system




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