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E-commerce B2B E-commerce B2B

We build E-commerce B2B software

We support manufacturing companies in:

  • scaling their businesses;
  • centralising information regarding their products, clients, and orders using PIM / PXM systems;
  • streamlining and automating their business processes using Camunda BPM & UiPath.

We use agile methodology and common components to minimize time-to-market.

Why choose us?

E-commerce B2B

We have a proprietary solution that integrates 12 most popular ERP systems

A quick connection of ERPs with an e-commerce platform enables the shortening the time necessary for its integration

E-commerce B2B

We are experienced in building large, scalable B2B systems for e-commerce

Among others, we have built a PXM system handling 107 thousand products, or an international logistics platform used simultaneously by more than 100 thousand users.

E-commerce B2B

We specialise in building large, scalable and cloud-based applications

Solutions that we use include WSO2 and RabbitMQ service buses, microservice architecture and hybrid solutions (cloud + on premise)

Our Clients

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Functions dedicated to improve B2B sales in manufacturing companies

We build solutions that allow manufacturing companies to develop B2B and B2C sales across multiple channels.
We implement functions such as:

Exporting data to marketplaces

such as Ebay, Allegro, Amazon, etc.

Opening sales in a dropshipping model

Integration with couriers, WMS and ERP systems

We have our own solution offering 441 integrations with online stores, ERP systems, marketplaces, etc.

Centralised product information

for an easy commencement of sales on new markets and channels

Price list management and dynamic pricing

based on e.g. a trading partner, order history or sales channel

Generating pick lists

for warehouse workers

Handling trade credits

Customisable products

(size, color, material, etc.)

E-commerce B2B E-commerce B2B

What solutions for e-commerce do we implement?

We have divided our e-commerce offer into 5 areas, which enables us to support our clients in developing their businesses, overcoming infrastructure limitations, and automating business processes.

Order exchange  | Trans.eu transport platform - 🥇 RST Software

Customer Experience Design

We help companies design digital products, services and processes focused on customer experience in all points of contact.

We create and streamline onboarding, customer service, or after-sales support processes. As a result:

  • we maximise the conversion ratio and the average value of the cart
  • we improve customer satisfaction from interacting with the brand
  • we streamline service processes
  • we anticipate and eliminate potential pain points
E-commerce B2B

PIM and PXM Solutions

We solve the problem of dispersed product and resource info in too many systems. 

We build and deploy PIM and PXM solutions that gather all data required for conducting online business operations in a single place.

  • we shorten time-to-market, i.e. time required to introduce new products in the offer
  • we streamline the management of product and customer bases
  • we integrate PXM with POS systems, necessary databases, and sales platforms like eBay or Amazon.com 
  • we improve user experience by creating user-friendly interfaces


E-commerce process automation

Thanks to our partnerships with the leaders in the field of process automation and robotisation, such as Camunda or UiPath, we automate business processes and significantly shorten the time required for completing repetitive tasks

  • Camunda BPM allows us to model and automate business processes connected with creating new products, managing orders, or processing payments
  • Using UiPath (RPA), we robotise repetitive tasks, such as invoicing, generating reports, or regularly entering contracts in the system
    • we allow employees to save their time
    • we eliminate the risk of human errors during repetitive tasks
B2B messenger   - 🥇 RST Software

B2B Sales messenger

We build dedicated B2B messengers that streamline communication between contractors within a single platform.

  • We connect buyers, suppliers, and representatives of various organisations within a single platform
  • We speed-up and streamline communication
  • We provide the option of multiuser conversations and access to conversation history
e-commerce b2b

Cloud for E-commerce

We support companies in scaling their businesses, expanding to new markets, and preparing to acquire new customers.

How? We build and deploy B2B systems based on a scalable cloud architecture offering high availability.

  • we minimise the costs of expanding and servicing physical infrastructure
  • we eliminate the problem of limited space or computing power
  • we provide access to data and resources from all over the world
  • we increase data security with the use of EC2 Bastion technology
  • we eliminate the issue of a Single Point of Failure
  • we recommend the best way to leave legacy systems

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How much can your e-commerce site resist?

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