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Legacy System Modernization

We help to reduce a technical debt caused by old systems, by redeveloping and creating completely new, scalable applications in a cloud-based microservice architecture.

By using REST API technology, data buses and UiPath tool, we integrate systems which were previously impossible to connect.

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Our offer


Analysis and recommendations

We analyse problematic systems and recommend an optimal modernisation path.


System modernisation

When a development path is chosen, we modernise the system step by step or create a new one from a scratch.



We provide operational continuity at a necessary SLA level. We monitor and expand the systems.

Why RST Software Masters?

We combine our expertise in the field of business process automation and robotisation with over 20 years of experience in creating highly scalable cloud software.


We are experienced in building large and scalable systems.

Based on a cloud and microservices, we have built i.a. a PMX system for 107 thousand products and an international logistics platform used simultaneously by more than 100,000 users.


The use of RPA allowed us to integrate systems which integration was previously impossible.

RPA tools such as UiPath and Rest API technologies or data buses allow us to integrate almost every system.


We minimise the risk of vendor lock-in

The risk of company dependency on a specific provider is minimised by the use of popular technologies, containerisation and microservices.

Technology Audit

Audyt Techniczny
Scoping Session

Are you struggling with such problems?


  • High failure rate of the system and security gaps?
  • Long time-to-market?
  • Limited possibilities of system integration with modern solutions?
  • High cost of adapting the system to new legal requirements and business needs?

If so you should definitely get to know its full technical condition before the system becomes unusable.

Robotyzacja - eliminacja błędów

How will the Technology Audit help you?

The goal of the Technology Audit is to verify the technical condition of the system, define threats and identify areas where improvements can be made. As an external, independent auditor, we will help you to identify problems with your system and eliminate them, as well as to ensure scalability, performance and data security.


  • Thanks to this, you will learn a full list of your system problems and possible solutions.
Dlug Techniczny

Technology Audit includes the following areas:


  • Technologies used
  • Project structure
  • App code
  • Unit tests
  • Performance
  • Security


Deliverables of the audit include a list of issues, their severities and proposed solutions.


See how we helped Trans.Eu in scaling and achieving business goals

Modernizacja Systemu
  • 99,8% SLA
  • Transition from monolith to microservices
  • Time-to-market reduction

The scope of the project included: to build, maintain, and develop a scalable system. Carrying out functional changes and indicating directions for the development of the system based on dynamically changing market realities.

See full case study

Case Study modernizacja

Benefits of system modernisation

Achieving competitive advantage

by accomplishing business needs such us starting a new manufacture in a foreign country or launching a new product.

Increasing data safety

As developer support for the system decreases, and the system reaches a higher age, its vulnerability to cyber attacks increases.

Lowering costs of employment of experts

Maintenance of outdated systems requires investments in specific competences among IT teams.

Lowering maintenance costs

Use of microservices and containerisation makes the implementation of changes within the code easier, quicker and cheaper.

Shortening time-to-market

In modern systems based on microservices, the implementation of new products and functions is quicker and safer.

Ensuring operational continuity of key applications

Aging architectures and expanding legacy systems make it difficult to maintain or provide operational continuity.

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From Monolith to Microservices - forget about architecture that slows down development

  • Sample CRM system
  • System development cost
  • When is it worth using microservices?

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