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PXM (Product Experience Management) for ecommerce

We build dedicated, scalable solutions combining the functionalities of PIM (Product Information Management) and PCM (Product Content Management) systems. Comfortably and efficiently manage the contents of your product and information about it within a single system.

RST’s offer in the area of PXM system deployment

Zarządzanie produktem PXM RST Software Masters

Product Base Management

We quickly implement a centralised product base management system including full data register.

Our offer includes:


  • streamlined product management process
  • standardisation of complex product management processes, including
    • product recall
    • creating dependencies between products
    • creating nested groups of products
    • defining product components (e.g. raw materials or semi-finished products)
  • creating a product structure in a dynamic way
    • selecting the features
    • selecting the technology (product groups)
    • selecting the tags
    • selecting the categories
  • report generation
    • as csv, xlsx, html, etc.
    • analysing trends observed in the product base (e.g. the frequency of
      introducing new products into the base in connection with sales values and
Zarządzanie ofertą PXM RST Software Masters

Product offer management

We implement a system enabling you to create an offer adapted for a defined user group.

Examples of modules:

  • Offer Management module, including:
    • automated offer creation
    • automated selection of products included in the offer
    • automated compilation of the offer in various formats (csv, pdf, xlsx, html,
  • Sales Channel Management module, including: automated delivery and updates of the offer throughout online channels (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Allegro)
  • Product Price and Special Offer Management module (e.g. for discounts)
  • EAN and SKU code management module, with automated generation of code and
    number pools

Additionally, we provide:

  • integration and automation of adding new offers in e-commerce systems (e.g. Presta
    Shop, Magento)
  • integration with systems used by sales partners (e.g. via Rest API, RPC, soap, etc.)
  • full personalisation of the offer for every sales channel, including:○ EAN numbers
    – Price, SEO, pictures, visuals
Zarządzanie zamówieniami PXM RST Software Masters

Order Management

The system we create enables you to manage different groups of recipients or contractors.

Our offer includes:

  • offer personalisation for particular groups of recipients
  • automated order acceptance process, including:
    • verification of data validity and product availability
    • automated business rules for order processing
    • order status tracking
          • integration with couriers and freight forwarders automated generation of shipping lists
          • integration with systems informing the client about the status of their order (text messages, email, Facebook)
  • automated order processing, including the creation of dedicated software to be integrated with a centralised system, e.g. for factories
PXM RST Software Masters

Scale your business by implementing a flexible PXM system

PXM RST Software Masters

We implement PIM class solutions to expand your offer and build global sales. Product Information Management systems offer specialised features of PIM and PCM solutions in one place. By combining these functionalities, a PIM system enables you to create products that are more convenient for your clients. Product Experience Management will support your eCommerce in creating and delivering valuable and appealing products to your consumers. This means less returns, better conversion ratio, and higher customer satisfaction.  


RST’s offer in the area of PXM and PIM system deployment:

  • Workshops with the Client (comprehensive workshops for IT and business departments. The outcome of the workshops is an analysis of client’s needs in the form of an audit.)
  • Analysis of OOTB solutions available on the market (Akaneo, Pimcore, etc.)
  • Creating a dedicated PXM solution 
  • Migration from PIM to PXM
  • Deployment of an OOTB PIM
  • Integration of PIM/PXM with an other systems


Main areas of system integration

Integracja z systemami RST Software Masters

Integrations with sales systems and platforms

automated product (sales offer) publication process on sales platforms like Allegro, eBay, Amazon

Integracje RST Software Masters

Integration with webstores

automated product (sales offer) publication process on sales platforms like PrestaShop, Shoper, Magento, as well as automated fulfillment of orders from these platforms

Integracje RST Software Masters

Dedicated integration with existing systems

integration with any existing systems owned by the customer via Rest API, rpc, soap, etc., in the area of processing product base, order fulfillment, or contractor management

Effects after implementation Product Experience Management

The ability to flexibly create and manage a product database

the user has comprehensive knowledge of the product offer and can create and manage the offer in the system using the product catalogue

Shortened time-to-market

by relieving customer service (faster handling and fulfillment of orders) 

A new user-friendly order handling UI

created with UX Designer’s help, based on and tailored to the client’s needs 

Adapting the offer to dropshipping

platforms like Amazon, eBay, Allegro, and sales channels based on well-known e-commerce solutions like Magento.

RST Software Masters Product Experience Management

Technologies we use

Cloud RST Software


As  a certified AWS partner, we recommend cloud solutions that let clients quickly and safely scale their businesses. The mechanisms offered by AWS help ensure smooth operation of e-commerce shop systems during periods of increased traffic

Cloud RST Software


all API-based applications were created in accordance with the REST style to make communication interfaces consistent.

Cloud RST Software

Symfony + Api Platform

Application code is based on Symfony framework (LTS 4). Some APIs were created using the API Platform library to make development of new functionalities as quick and easy as possible.

Cloud RST Software

React + Redux

Front-end UI was designed as an SPA (Single Page Application). We used React technology that makes interactive UI development easier.

Cloud RST Software


Every microservice is prepared with a docker container to run. Everything is managed in Kubernetes. When using the infrastructure-as-a-code approach, we can rapidly deploy new app versions to production

Cloud RST Software


Developers can launch any standalone microservice locally to develop functionalities using Docker. This approach delivers fully configured containers with application where only code—not runtime environment—is relevant to development.

Cloud RST Software


A customised RabbitMQ was used for the purpose of asynchronous communication between microservices. This configuration of RabbitMQ makes it possible to emit any event from any application without knowing who is waiting for that specific event and why. This eliminates redundant and problematic relations between services.

Cloud RST Software



Used as a view model for repositories utilised to search using complex queries (often in full text form).



Cloud RST Software


The approach compliant with the microservices notion enabled the elimination of bottlenecks connected with the long monolith deployment process. Simultaneously, it let us choose a technology and architecture solution that’s best adapted to the domain supported by the microservice.


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Why should you choose a dedicated system over an out-of-the-box PIM or PXM solution?

In our experience, dedicated PIM and PXM systems can be continuously adjusted to the existing system (especially if it’s under heavy technical debt). What’s more, you don’t have to freeze with old technologies — there’s no need to focus on solutions that force users to have specific out-of-the-box tools. Bespoke solutions also enable faster reactions to changes and evolving business needs (for example the time-to-market of new functionalities). By implementing a custom solution, the business can quickly react to changes (competition’s behaviour) and adjust its system to market needs. Out-of-the-box should not be customised to meet specific needs since they must remain compatible with the system. Implementing changes in out-of-the-box solutions can make it impossible to update the purchased software to a newer release. Dedicated PIM or PXM solutions bring a variety of different benefits:

      • Lower entry threshold for the development team
      • The ability to fully integrate the solution with other internal systems and services that have to work and fulfil ongoing orders
      • Splitting the domain according to the actual needs (sales, production, visualisation)
      • Scaling the software in accordance with the actual needs (creating own SQL / Elasticsearch queries)
      • The ability to meet non-functional requirements: cloud infrastructure dedicated for storing and managing large numbers of graphic (source) files; dedicated environments (test, stage, prod) for integrating 2 systems (the current one and the newly created one)