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Workflow Automation Camunda BPM & UiPath (RPA) Workflow Automation Camunda BPM & UiPath (RPA)
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Business Process Automation

We help companies increase business efficiency through automation and process optimization.

What can we do for you?

Warsztaty szkolenie

Workshops and consulting

We conduct workshops for IT and business departments. We train in process modeling and implementation of BPM and RPA platforms.

Proof of Concept

Pilot project

We implement pilot projects so that you can verify your assumptions within a few weeks and check whether it is worth extending automation to the entire organization.

modernizacja legacy

Long-term cooperation, development and maintenance

We implement Camunda Platform (BPM) and UiPath (RPA). We develop and maintain platforms.


We implement Camunda Platform

We specialize in the implementation, maintenance and development of Camunda Platform – solutions that enable comprehensive process automation, orchestration with microservices or integration of necessary systems.


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Process Automation

The benefits of process automation

Companies where processes are carried out manually (paper-based) can save time and money thanks to automation.

By implementing a modern BPM platform, such as Camunda Platform, companies can additionally:

  • monitor these processes;
  • shorten their execution time;
  • integrate systems;
  • implement changes quickly.

Robotyzacja - RPA

The benefits of using RPA bots

  • Time savings – software robots need minutes to perform tasks that humans complete in hours.
  • Higher engagement level of employees freed from mundane, repeatable tasks. They can focus on valuable work.
  • Lower operational risk – robots make no mistakes. They allow the number of errors to be cut down to zero.
  • With RPA, we can easily connect legacy systems with no need for editing the code.

Process automation in your industry


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How can we cooperate?

Warsztaty BPM RST Software

BPMN Workshops

We offer comprehensive workshops for IT and business departments. The outcome of the workshops is the ability to monitor processes in one’s organisation in a self-sufficient way with the use of the BPMN 2.0 notation.

Workshops are held on-site and in small groups to ensure high-quality transfer of knowledge.

Our workshops include:

  • Introduction to BPM—modern and agile approach towards business process digitalisation
  • Presentation of benefits from implementing BPM in business
  • BPM in practice—case studies
  • BPMN 2.0 as a common language for business and IT
  • Learning the fundamentals of BPMN 2.0 notation based on real cases
  • Introduction to Business Process Automation
  • Discussing processes, based on the actual company processes
  • Presenting best practices in process modelling
Projekt pilotażowy RST Software

Pilot project (Proof of Concept, PoC)

We have a team of qualified, certified developers, programmers, and analysts ready to deploy Camunda BPM & UiPath in a short period of time.

Which process should be optimised first? We share our knowledge and provide recommendations regarding a reasonable selection of an appropriate candidate for the pilot project, so that it can return high value and offer a high chance of success.

During operation, we take care of all areas—just like in the case of widespread deployment. Each pilot project goes through several stages:

  • Modelling, i.e. preparing process models
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Monitoring, i.e. data analysis
  • Optimisation, i.e. process enhancement

A complete PoC is delivered within a few weeks.

Projekt typu Lighthouse RST Software

Lighthouse Project

We realise short-term, well-defined and measurable projects that can be used as examples for far bigger initiatives within the company.

The next phase of tool deployment is building awareness throughout the organisation and setting priorities—which processes in which areas should be moved to Camunda BPM & UiPath in a long term.

We use KPIs to help influence a shift of approach towards the deployment of innovative solutions aimed at replacing outdated ones.

RST Software - długofalowa współpraca

Long-term cooperation

Large-scale process deployment means long-term partnership, where our customers avoid the risk of vendor lock-in.

Our offer includes outsourcing of competences required for project deployment and, in time, transfer of competences to your internal IT Dept. In case of customers expecting full outsourcing, we guarantee to maintain a predetermined level of SLA.

This longstanding cooperation results in supporting multiple instances of processes, as well as the scale effects, i.e. time savings, less errors, improved customer experience—deployment benefits depend on the actual type of business.

Business Process Automation implementation scenario

We propose a balanced approach that limits the risks associated with replacing a legacy solution and facilitates widespread implementation.

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Our Clients

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Ubezpieczeniowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny

See how we helped Trans.Eu in achieving business goals
by deploying process automation

Thanks to the implementation of Camunda BPM, we were able to optimise a variety of business processes, which brought us savings of employee worktime and money that we could invest in further innovations.



90% faster

The amount of manual work required to manually handle processes related to CRM could be reduced by 90%.

Common standard – BPMN

A single source of truth has been acquired – an always valid BPMN model visualising processes in the form they have been deployed.


I participated in the dedicated training for the implementation of the project in our organization using BPMN Camunda. The training was planned and conducted with a high standard of work

The individual approach provided us with many interesting solutions and dispelled many doubts. I recommend the RST Software Masters mainly due to the professionalism, individual approach and vast knowledge of the Camunda engine.

Szczepan Martyniuk

Dev Engineer – IT Chapter Leader


RST supported us in the area of integration architecture, mostly around our Camunda platform.

We used their expertise in various ways ranging from full-time allocated developers working on our product to workshops and training. RST was always flexible and tried to accommodate our current needs which, has been working really well. The communication was great. Each time we were able to find a solution that met our needs.

Lukas Kocourek

Enterprise Architect

Prepare for BPM platform deployment at your company.


Business Process Automation using BPM. Best Practices

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How to begin business process automation using the BPM engine?

How to expand the scope of the Proof of Concept and what to expect from your deployment partner?



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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Process Automation — why is it worth considering?

The first step is the selection of candidates, i.e. business processes that will be the first ones to undergo automation. Usually, these are processes that can bring the so-called quick wins. In further steps, additional corporate key processes are deployed in an iterative manner in order to present benefits from business process automation throughout the organisation. While identifying and mapping subsequent processes in the organisation, they can be quickly deployed with the use of existing tools and acquired competences.

Obviously, it all depends on the specifics of your business, but new technologies bring real benefits by generating savings of time and money. Business process automation and orchestration works perfectly in e.g. managing the work of system users in processes like loan processing, customer management, sales, or billing. Automation allows you to minimise the amount of the so-called bottlenecks, increase the performance by eliminating ineffective tasks, and increase the quality of work by assigning responsibility for a specific process or its components.

What is Camunda BPM?

Camunda BPM is a complete tool stack that can be used for end-to-end process automation — from mapping, implementation and monitoring, to visualisation and optimisation.  Camunda is a perfect choice for both orchestrating microservices and managing human resources and workflows. Another advantage provided by Camunda is its scalability, i.e. the ability to expand certain components without having to implement changes throughout the entire system. This significantly shortens time-to-market and allows for quick change implementation. Due to its immense adaptation capabilities, Camunda is used by global giants like NASA, Zalando, Goldman Sachs, Allianz, or T-mobile.

Camunda BPM — why is it worth considering?

Camunda BPM offers you:

  • the ability to quickly introduce and implement changed in business processes;
  • comfortable mechanisms for effective management of process automation components;
  • real-time monitoring and business reports, which means no questions regarding the process are left unanswered;
  • support of the BPMN 2.0 (ISO 19510:2013) standard in order to provide a common language for technical and business employees;
  • high availability and scalability — it can operate in a dispersed cluster, while simultaneously relying on a single, shared database;
  • a decision-making mechanism based on DMN notation, thanks to which business users can define and maintain executable business rules that directly integrate with the workflow mechanism.

Business process management — what is it?

Nearly every company deals with business process management. Its goal is to streamline business management and increase business performance. The keyword here is “process”, which is a logical sequence of consecutive events aimed at achieving a certain result in a given time. It requires the creation of goals and a set of metrics to monitor any changes in material indicators caused by automation. Further steps include creating the concept, methods, and selecting the right tools. This includes:

  • process design,
  • implementation of processes enhanced by technical components,
  • business process management,
  • business process monitoring.

The final item, i.e. business process monitoring, is one of the most important ones in terms of corporate management. It allows you to analyse whether implemented changes have brought desired effects. In other words, process monitoring enables you to compare your assumptions with the response from the market or your organisation. By monitoring, analysing, and optimising the effectiveness of implemented activities, your company can adapt to the ever-changing market needs. Effective business process management brings tangible benefits, such as faster completion of projects and orders, or mitigation of any loses during production. Thanks to that, you’ll stay ahead of your competition and acquire new customers.

Is Camunda BPM easy to integrate with SAP and Sharepoint systems?

Yes, Camunda BPM integrates with those systems in two ways:

Integration scenario 1

Camunda connects with external systems via Rest API.

The Camunda BPM engine provides an extensive rest API that can react to information received from external systems, and effectively handle supervision and monitoring.

Integration scenario 2

Camunda listens to events on a data bus connected with external systems.

What’s more, Camunda BPM can be integrated with a data bus, which means it can not only monitor systems but also manage them.