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Camunda Platinum Certified Partner w Polsce | UiPath Partner

Business Process Automation & RPA in banking industry

We simplify the building and optimization of processes as well as the management of software robots from one place.

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How will our automation solutions support your business?


We implement Camunda BPM

We help in process modelling, systems integration, and we monitor and optimise deployed processes.


We implement UiPath

We robotise mundane, repeatable tasks, so that employees can focus on duties requiring their competences and experience.


We combine UiPath and Camunda BPM

With this combination, we can integrate with legacy systems and incorporate them into automated processes.

Demo Camunda BPM

DEMO: See how Camunda BPM and UiPath (RPA) work in practice!

Demo Camunda BPM

Lend us 30 minutes of your time and we will be very happy to show you a sample process, an automated task, answer your questions or dispel doubts.

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Automatyzacja procesów w bankowości - Camunda BPM


Examples of banking processes managed by BPM systems

Automatyzacja procesów w bankowości - Camunda BPM
  • Opening accounts,
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) verification
  • Credit service (including communication, risk parameters assessment, disbursement, documentation management)
  • NPL classification and management
  • Commission management

The above processes are managed by means of platforms such as the Camunda Platform. The advantage of Camunda is that it enables many people to work on processes through one user-friendly interface as well as to build, manage and optimize processes from one place.

UiPath (RPA) w Bankowości i Finansach


Examples of tasks worth automating using RPA in the banking industry

UiPath (RPA) w Bankowości i Finansach
  • Generating reports from various sources
  • Moving data between systems
  • Scanning invoices and contracts, digitization, data validation

The leading solution in the field of robotization of tasks (RPA) is UiPath. It enables the creation of process robots that perform tedious, repetitive tasks for the users.

Case Study of Camunda BPM implementation

Case study of the implementation of Camunda BPM in Bank11

  • Problem faced by Bank11;
  • Why did Bank11 choose Camunda?
  • Challenges of implementing BPM software;
  • Why the visual process language BPMN 2.0 was so important?
  • Implementation results.

Download the Case study of the implementation of Camunda BPM in Bank11

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