November 25, 16.00

WEBINAR: Integrating BPM & RPA – From Strategy to Practice

BPM Webinar

About the webinar

BPM Webinar

Tools for BPM and RPA are around for quite a while and both are being used successfully. And both are promising automation and digitalization. In this webinar we will discuss the two approaches and how to blend them together to get the best out of both worlds. We will address strategic, conceptual and the technical aspects to take care of. In a demo we will leave the happy path and show patterns to integrate BPM & RPA and how to deal with failure situations during runtime.



16:00 – 16:10 | Intro by Jacek Popko


16:10 – 16:30 | “How to blend BPM and RPA? What IT Managers and project leads should know.” by Roman Schlömmer

After a brief wrap-up on BPM and RPA, let’s take a look at how to combine both approaches to get the best of both worlds. Additionally, we provide a glimpse into the strategic, methodical and conceptual aspects you need to take into consideration when blending BPM and RPA in order to do the right things right.


16:30 – 17.00 | „BPM and RPA live demo. When and why human interaction is needed.” by Krystian Jaworek

There are situations in life that we can not predict, the same applies to the BPM and RPA. During a short live demo, we will show you when human interaction is necessary and how to deal with unpredicted situations while keeping the business running.


17:10 – 17:30 | Q&A Session


Meet our speakers

Roman Schlommer

Roman Schlömmer
Head of BPM at Holisticon AG

Having a strong technical background and 20+ years of consulting experience Roman can mostly be found in projects between business and IT. He helps the customers to find the right approach on their digitalization and automation journey. Roman enjoys BBQ, sports and music.

Krystian Jaworek

Krystian Jaworek
Certified Camunda Engineer

A graduate of the Faculty of Electronics at the Wrocław University of Technology. On a daily basis, he deals with modeling and optimization of business processes and programming in Java. In his spare time, he practices outdoor calisthenics and bouldering.

Jacek Popko

Jacek Popko
Chief of Consulting RST Software Masters

Graduate of the Faculty of Management and Computer Science at the University of Economics in Wroclaw. Founder of Usability LAB, a consultancy brand serving finances, banking, startups and e-commerce. Member of The Interaction Design Foundation and ACM: SIG-CHI.
Lecturer and speaker. Passionate about UX, lean and business process automation.