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16.07.2020 - Read in 1 min.

How’s cloud doing after the tough times? – a free e-book

16.07.2020 - Read in 1 min.

We will describe on how the different providers handle their platform after the tough times, and give you a little insight into where we think the cloud business is going.

Report Cloud RST Software
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Will the Cloud give in to the virus or start growing instead? As companies adapt to the “new normal” reality which hit us all so suddenly, they are adjusting at an unseen before pace. Some of them, utilize the cloud to further digitalize their business, while others, use it to bring down costs, or turn impossible to possible.
Today’s extraordinary situation changes the way people work, collaborate, innovate, and even entertain themselves.
Since most corporate systems are not prepared for the increase in traffic, plenty of them are facing performance problems.
In this report we will try to address how the pandemic has impacted Cloud business across multiple areas, including remote working, entertainment, business and systems scalability, as well as crisis management.
We will also try to give some recommendations on how your organization can utilize solutions in those areas for company benefit.

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How’s cloud doing after the tough times?


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4.8/5 - (36 votes)


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