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Product Vision Workshop - Product Design - RST Software Masters Product Vision Workshop - Product Design - RST Software Masters

Product Vision Workshop

Create a clear vision of your product and goal.
Plan its development.

Plan your product’s development

Pomysł - Product Vision Workshop

Specify your idea

Our workshops will help you clarify your vision and ensure your team understands it.

Plan - Product Vision Workshop

Determine how to reach your goals

Together, we’ll create a strategy to support your business goals.

Cel - Product Vision Workshop

Plan where to start

Product Roadmap will give you insights about what direction and actions to take.

Product Vision Workshop — key information

Product Vision Workshop

Product Vision Workshop - Product Design - RST Software Masters

What can Product Vision Workshop do for you?

If you only have the basic idea of what you want your product to be, Product Vision Workshop is a great starting point. During these workshops, you will work with us to clarify your vision and product strategy as well as create the first version of Product Roadmap. With this, your idea will start taking shape and be much closer to realisation.


What is Product Vision / Product Vision Statement?

In simple words, this is a very broad statement of what your product is supposed to do, why you are creating it and what you want to achieve in the long term (of at least several years).

When a company has one product, this vision should align with company mission and state where we’re headed and what we want to achieve.


What is Product Roadmap?

Product Roadmap is a general plan that shows what product development will look like over time (it outlines strategy implementation and realisation of the goal stated in Product Vision). The roadmap should focus on overall goals without going into detail about functionalities—that’s what Product Backlog is for. This backlog is created at the next stage based on, among other sources, the roadmap (during a Scoping Session).

What is Product Strategy?


Strategy completes Vision. It specifies how we aim to reach our long-term goal. Strategy details include, but are not limited to, product’s target group, their needs and benefits gained by using our product, as well as a more detailed description of the product and its competitive advantage. Strategy also describes business model and how to deliver product’s value to clients.




During 1-day workshops (usually 4–6 hours), we use the Product Vision Statement blueprint along with Product Vision Board, Business Model Canvas, and The GO Product Roadmap blueprint to shape your vision.




We invite a cross-functional team of several people from your company (that usually includes a decision maker / PO and marketing and sales representatives), supported by our experts, to join the workshops.


We deliver:


  • digitised descriptions of Product Vision Statement, Product Strategy, and Product Roadmap;
  • photos of content created during workshops.
Product Vision Workshop

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