scoping session scoping session

Scoping Session

Define the scope of work and cost of your product during the 1-day workshop.

During the meet, a cross-functional team comprising your employees and our experts creates a list of functionalities your product requires.

Next, the list undergoes a developers’ estimate, which gives you not only the scope of work, but also an estimate of time and costs in just a few days.

Start your project from proper preparation

Uchwyć pełen zakres funkcjonalności

Capture the full scope of functionalities

Thanks to our experienced moderators and the use of the user story mapping technique, we jointly create a comprehensive list of functionalities required by the end-user.

Szybko poznaj estymatę

Get a quick estimate

The scope of work along with priorities allows for precise estimation of the time and cost of the project.

Łatwo przejdź do wdrożenia

Easily proceed to deployment

After identifying the MVP, creating an MVP, and getting a preliminary prototype, you can proceed to putting your idea info effect.

Scoping Session — key information

Scoping Session

Scoping Session


During the workshop, we use the user story mapping technique. Starting from the roles and objectives in the system, we create a user path split into tasks. Next, we connect the tasks with functionalities, which then can be prioritised.



We encourage you to designate a cross-functional team from all over your organisation, usually comprising a decision maker and representatives of IT, Marketing, Customer Service, and Sales Departments.

We bring an experienced facilitator—UX specialist, a UX consultant for cooperating with the team, and optionally a technical employee (a developer from RST Software Masters).

During the workshop we deliver:

List of functionalities

We deliver a complete list of functionalities (Excel) split into modules, roles in the system, and optionally priorities (defined MVP).

Time and cost estimate

We deliver time and cost estimate for a defined scope of work.


We deliver digitalised proto-personas and user flows.

Meeting materials

We deliver photos of content created during workshops.

Product Design Product Design

The course of Scoping Session



We deepen our knowledge about your product / service. We ask about your expectations, needs and your users.



We cooperate with your team to create a list of required functionalities.



We estimate the time and cost for the defined scope of work.



We give you all content created during the Scoping Session.

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