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Employer Branding Lead

Małgorzata Maskiewicz

Graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wroclaw. She completed a post-graduate course in Psychology in Business (WSB), and the Employer Branding course at the AGH University of Science and Technology. Currently, she's an EB leader in the Brand Geeks team. In her work, she focuses on creativity, freedom, and openness. She loves to work, talk, and be around people. After work, she's a squash instructor, she loves to cycle, and competesin show jumping with a champion stallion named Grand Rubin. She's a true ball of energy.

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RST Software - Technological Communities


Technological Communities in RST through the eyes of the hosts

20.04.2022 - Read in 3 min.

We asked the hosts about what the meetings of our technological communities give us. Thanks to their involvement and the regular conduct of these meetings, we can see how our technology communities in RST are developing. How to make the exchange of knowledge real? Let's just get to work!

Małgorzata Maskiewicz - RST Software
Michał Birowski
RST Software Mariusz Przodała
Sławomir Piotrowski RST
Mariusz Pańszczyk

Małgorzata , Michał , Mariusz , Sławomir , Mariusz

RST Software API Rest/ Node.js


Internal workshops – API Rest in Node.js, because sharing knowledge is embedded in our DNA!

24.03.2022 - Read in 2 min.

In order to help our employees actively develop competences and broaden knowledge in most vital fields, we ask them what and in what form they would like to learn and whether there is an area in which they could share their knowledge with others.

Małgorzata Maskiewicz - RST Software

Małgorzata Maskiewicz,
Employer Branding Lead

Integrative meetings – a part of our organizational culture.


Integrative meetings – a part of our organizational culture

13.09.2021 - Read in 3 min.

How the organizational culture is shaped and in which direction our company is heading, how employees feel in it are just a few elements that should be monitored. Conversation with employees and discussions between them, not only about work, but also in the conditions created for it, is an important area that is worth supporting both in a young and mature organization.

Małgorzata Maskiewicz - RST Software

Małgorzata Maskiewicz,
Employer Branding Lead

RST Software Culture Book


Culture Book – how to avoid creating yet another advertising booklet

10.03.2021 - Read in 6 min.

When searching for information on a potential business partner or new employer, you probably came across various methods companies use to present themselves. But how to say if what you see is the truth, the presented values are real, and not just another puff full of buzz phrases? Where does the advertising end and the truth and sense of existence of the organisation begin?

Małgorzata Maskiewicz - RST Software

Małgorzata Maskiewicz,
Employer Branding Lead

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