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About us - RST Software About us - Software Company

For over 20 years, we have been building, deploying, and developing advanced systems

We are a reliable software house from Poland. Our team comprises top experts. We develop and maintain highly scalable systems


on the market

About us - RST Software

Regular & Senior

Our strengths

We have complete
in-house teams

so behind every project there is a group of experienced specialists

Shortened time-to-market

We are agile and we focus on the quality and effectiveness

We use Agile methodology

With a flat structure and self-organising teams, employees’ commitment and actual impact on the project at hand increases

The development of our employees
is our top priority.

We regularly invest in trainings and certifications of our experts/engineers

Software House Wrocław Software House Wrocław

The technologies we use in our work

We hire regular and senior engineers, which allows us to successfully solve complex development issues. 

Stack Technologiczny RST Software Masters Stack Technologiczny RST Software Masters

It all stems from the organisational culture of the company

RST Team | RST Software Masters

To us, interpersonal relations are more important than the size of the company. Due to the organic growth, we are able to preserve the values and culture of the company. We hire several hundreds of engaged, self-reliable, brave, responsible, and goal-oriented associates.

Krzysztof Habowski

Krzysztof Habowski

CEO, Co-founder

Prepared for new challenges, we diversify our offer, we establish new partnerships and obtain certificates, and we expand our operations into foreign markets.

Katarzyna Pachocka Nowok

Katarzyna Pachocka - Nowok

Vice President in Charge of Operation

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RST Culture Book Nice to meet you

RST Culture Book

We created this book, so you could get to know us better.

Discover our history


Prepared for new challenges, we diversify our offer, we establish new partnerships and obtain certificates, and we expand our operations into foreign markets.


We are the first and only certified partner of Camunda BPM in Poland. We also become an official Consulting Partner of AWS.


RST establishes the Venture Capital Fund with the goal to implement investments contributing to cleaner Earth, air and water

We were awarded the Forbes Diamond 2018 by the Forbes Magazine for companies with the highest value growth.


The RST Group’s value increases with the addition of the following brands: Usability Lab and Effectivity.


RST Group is founded. We have 120 people on board. We improve the standards of work, and we move to a larger and more modern office space. 

That year we received the title of Best Employer 2015 according to AON Hewitt.


We exceed the number of 100 employees. The increasing number of products drives our growth.


We develop the Trans.eu system. In cooperation with Logintrans, we develop and integrate components of the Trans.eu system for the transport industry, to create a unique product on the market.


Introduction of SCRUM – from that point, the rhythm of our work is determined by sprints, and we want to implement further solutions to increase our agility.


Trans order exchange is founded, and an IM communicator is created. We create proprietary solutions and software for comfortable work in the transport industry.


We gather our first experienced from creating the FireZone video game. The name RST (short for Rising Sun Technologies) originates from that period, when writing games or programs usually finished at dawn.


The history of RST Software Masters begins from an Internet cafe in Świdnica, which was later transformed into an IT company located in the family home of its founder Szymon Podgórski.

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Aleksander Dytko - RST Software

Aleksander Dytko

Business Development Manager


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