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Corporate social responsibility

We care about the world we live in. We want to take actions that improve the quality of life.

Apart from providing our people with a safe and healthy working environment, we do our best to help them contribute to the benefit of the environment, our local community, education, and sports initiatives.

Everything begins with people

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RST_Klaudia Szajdecka RST Software

Klaudia Szajdecka

CSR Ambassador

Małgorzata Maskiewicz EB

Corporate Social Responsibility starts with a dialogue and cooperation with people with whom we want to assume it. Dialogue, promoting knowledge, education and remaining open to the outside give us hope that grand goals can be achieved. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Małgorzata Maskiewicz

CSR Ambassador

Sylwia Łabuda

We all need empathy and open hearts. Therefore, whenever somebody at RST says “let’s do something good”, incredible things start to happen, which is why we participate in social initiatives. We believe we are responsible for the environment and community in which we operate. We share our knowledge and kindness.

Sylwia Łabuda

CSR Ambassador

Developing potential by teaching IT

RST Software Developing potential by teaching IT
RST Software Vocational training

Vocational training

Opportunity to gain knowledge and experience It is a hands-on training in programming, aimed at familiarising the students with the inside of the IT world.

The sponsorship class is aimed at students of Jan III Sobieski Complex of Civil Engineering and Electricity Schools in Świdnica who want to get a head start into careers of the IT field. A treasure trove of knowledge, skills and inspiration lies ahead of them. During the training we underline the importance of an unconventional approach and motivate students to think outside of the box.

RST Software Summer apprenticeships for the best

Summer apprenticeships for the best

Concluding the apprenticeship with a good result opens door to further development and an attractive job in one of RST’s teams. Apprenticeships are organised in our company’s office in Świdnica.

The programme is directed to people skilled and experienced in programming (graduates of high schools or students at the end of their university education) with no professional experience. We help our mentees gain their first ever professional experience.

Here you will find an application form with all relevant information.

RST Software Newbies


It is a group of IT lovers, focused on programming. They are students of technical colleges but they liked their vocational training so much that they came back for more. Together they tackle challenges typical for a developer, tester or even product manager.

They have already executed a few projects of their own. Fiszki (en. Flashcards) is their first mobile app for learners of foreign languages (who can build their vocabulary by means of the popular flashcards). 

They have also developed Kompas (en. Compass), an app for managing location-based games. It allows its users to create a location-based game and share it with whoever might be interested in playing it.

They want to take a lead of their careers and develop skills in programming. Meet the Newbies.

RST Klasa patronacka

RST's sponsorship class

We support the youth in their development and education

RST Klasa patronacka

We remember where we came from. Helping students to develop their passion for programming under the supervision of specialists from RST, our first original sponsorship class was founded in Świdnica.

We cooperate with Jan III Sobieski Complex of Civil Engineering and Electricity Schools in Świdnica (more information). Working together we expanded the curriculum by adding a few extra hours of IT lessons. The extra-curricular time will be devoted to learning programming. We strive to teach the students things that are, or soon will be, in demand on the labour market. We want them to acquire crucial skills and develop competence sought after in the IT industry.

Environment protection

Protecting the environment begins with us and our everyday actions.

We care about the world we live in.

We popularize the knowledge on how everyone can support and protect the natural environment. We limit the consumption of energy, water and paper; we try to reduce the amount of plastic waste and regularly monitor the use of light and heating. By making informed decisions we choose products in recycled or recyclable packages. We segregate waste, collect safe plastic and reduce waste.

We encourage our employees to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle as well as to walk or cycle to the office. We believe that we have an influence on our planet and that we can live and work in a conscious way.


The products that we create are ecologically pure, eliminate the use of paper and help cut emissions by organising and managing car transport in Europe. Our solutions help prevent trucks from running empty, thus saving tonnes of CO2.

RST Software CSR Environment protection
RST CSR Environment protection

Supporting our local community

RST Software CSR Supporting our local community
RST Software CSR Wyjazdy integracyjne

Organising camps with volunteers

By promoting pro-social initiatives, we offer a helping hand to those in need. Before we select a destination of our trip we try to learn the needs and problems of our local community, because we can achieve more by acting together.

Every year we organise trips for members of our local community. Apart from having great time, over 80% of our employees work together towards achieving a common goal. Before we go kayaking, hiking or dancing, we roll up our sleeves and jump into action. It is time when we can show our good heart and cooperate to the benefit of others.

What have we done so far? Among others, we have built beehives for the patients of a local drug rehabilitation centre, we have rebuilt a burnt stud farm in Lubań and renovated an orphanage in Jelenia Góra.

RST Software - Zróbmy coś dobrego

Let's do something good this on Christmas

We love to share and each year we confirm our dedication by organising charity collections of funds and goods for the needy.

Supporting our community since 2021 So far we have: Participated in 7 editions of the Noble Gift charity, supported the Heart Foundation, supported orphanages in Jelenia Góra and the Paliative Medicine Clinic and Domestic Hospice in Wrocław, helped collect funds for the Cape Hope Child Oncology and Hematology Clinic in Wrocław and supported the Save Children with Cancer Foundation. Attentive to the needs of others, we have also helped a few families in need. Through our support we have influenced lives and careers of over a dozen of people creating the Equality Caffeteria in Świdnica, assisting people with intellectual disabilities in becoming independent, both in their private and professional lives.

Supporting sports activities

By inspiring each other we develop our internal sports community.

We are different, we have a lot of hobbies and passions. Sharing experience within the organisation, a behaviour rooted in our DNA, is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We support and establish initiatives that encourage our employees to be active. We hike, cycle and go to the mountains together.

We root for our employees competing in sports events.

For years we have been associated with sports activities and pro-health campaigns. We are the naming sponsor of the Świdnica Half Maration, one of the largest running competitions in the region, for years present in the calendar of sporting events. Our daily activities are based on healthy relationships that, just like the notion of fair play in sports, are funded on respect and honesty.

RST Group

_RST Group - Together we can do more

As part of the co-creating _RST Group, we engage in pro-social activities in many areas of life.

RST Group

We are part of a Polish group of software companies/ux houses, venture capital funds and start-ups.
We are commited to develop high quality software, promote development and support environment.

Read more about _RST Group.

_RST Group
Together, we engage in pro-social activities, positively influencing environment and health care.


Is a system for automatic and remote examination of lungs and heart. It is based on medical AI algorithms that detect abnormalities in the lungs which work together with an electronic stethoscope and specially designed software. Read more.

RST Ventures for Earth

VFE is dedicated to investing in people engaged in projects contributing to a sustainable environment, a cleaner Earth and a smarter society. Through our participation, we build a local ecosystem of technology companies through capital investments and knowledge transfers. Read more.

Samurai Labs

Samurai create AI that puts a spotlight on violent behavior in the dark corners of the online world. It can be used, for example, in games, dating and social apps. Read more.

Zeme logo
Zeme Technologies

A platform connecting companies producing or purchasing industrial waste (collection, processing and recycling). By developing digital waste management, we support local entrepreneurship and care for the environment. Read more.


Prosoma Digital Therapeutics is a therapeutic medical application which aims to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety in cancer patients. Read more.

Her Impact

Is an educational online platform supporting women in building their careers and developing business skills. The website is a response to the lack of gender diversity and equal gender representation in leadership positions in the corporate and business world. Read more.

Let’s Do Something Good on Christmas

The 12th edition

It was the 12th edition of our annual charity “Let’s Do Something Good on Christmas”. This year, we supported children from the Special Training and Education Centre in Dobroszyce.

We managed to renovate and furnish 2 rooms for teenagers and play the role of an RST Santa Claus, spreading gifts and Christmas spirit. Once again, we would love to thank our devoted and caring employees. With our concerted support we brought joy and laughs and their reactions and happiness were absolutely priceless.

Take a look inside RST and get to know us better

RST Culture Book Nice to meet you

RST Culture Book

This guidebook has been created especially for you so that you can learn more about our company.


ESG – our idea of sustainable growth

RST solar power plant


See how, from talks over a coffee, we went to reducing our CO2 emissions by 25 tonnes a year!
Following the trend of energy transition and ESG (Environmental/Social/Governance) we took a first step. From now on, we can produce our own electricity, thus powering our office.
Read more


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