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We are a Polish software house with over 20 years of experience in IT. We have executed a several dozen IT project for our clients. We co-create RST Group and we are partners of Camunda and AWS. We are a well-coordinated team of over 180 specialists (150 regular/senior developers).

Our broad experience allows us to develop our own products supporting us in development of software.

By joining us, you can:

Choose your working style:

remote, hybrid or stationary (in Wrocław or in Świdnica).

Participate in technological communities:

DevOps, Frontend, Backend lub Testers.


from more experienced colleagues.

Share your knowledge

with others in the company and externally, representing RST.

Pursue and built

own ideas and our technology products.

Have access to knowledge

from various technological projects, both domestic and foreign.

Use funds for training

for participation in training, covferences and lerning English.

Be part of an autonomous team

that organizes its work in such a way that it reaches its goals in an effective and efficient way.

What do our employees say about us?

RST Software praca w IT Wrocław

RST are a group of friendly people, always keen on sharing their knowledge and ready to support each other. RST also stands for development, learning, and everyday challenges. I appreciate the respectful atmosphere, openness and kindness. I am happy that I am part of such a great organisation.


Devops Engineer

RST Software praca w IT Wrocław

I have been working at RST for 12 years, contrary to appearances, such a long period of time is not caused by “getting settled”, but by the constant possibility of development and real impact on the design and implementation of an application consisting of almost 200 services. In addition to constant development, I feel that I can exchange knowledge and experience with many experts every day.


Technical Architect

Patryk Baszak RST Software

What I like about my job is the friendly atmosphere, open and efficient communication promoting discussion and a lack of distance in our contact with the management board. I work with professionals and experts, and so all of get a possibility to exchange knowledge and support each other. My project provides me with endless opportunities to learn, and by feeling responsible and autonomous I know that I have a real impact on the tasks in hand.



Iga Rogała UX designer RST Software

To me working at RST means the possibility to develop on so many levels. Never before have I thought of a job as a place where I can grow both as an employee and a person. Apart from learning how to be effective and agile in a multidsciplinary team, I know I cooperate with experts who are open and ready to share as well as exchange knowledge. I have a strong feeling that, by working here, I develop both my technical and soft skills.


Lead UX Designer

Work with us

I’ve been with RST for 11 years, which may seem crazy in the IT sector, but it also gives me the chance to see how the organisation develops. I can look at my work from different perspectives. I started as a software tester. All of this wouldn’t have happened if not for the support of other people who were always ready to help and share their knowledge.


DevOps Architect & Leader

RST Software Arek Kwiatkowski

At RST you can feel a friendly, family-like atmosphere. I know I can always count on support from my teammates and other colleagues. I do appreciate the fact that work and projects are important, but there is a human factor in everything we do. I don’t feel I’m being limited to one role in the organisation. On the contrary, depending on the need or a project, I can try new things and develop.


Software Tester Lead


RST is a unique workplace. Every day, I’m happy that I can be here, meet new, interesting people and create amazing applications and technological solutions together. Kindness and cooperation are highly appreciated here, thanks to which we can support and develop each other. If I had to choose a workplace again, I would choose RST.

Michał Przybylski


Agata Obrał RST Software Masters

Every day I can feel that the values upheld at RST – quality, honesty, effectiveness and respect – are not just empty words. The atmosphere in the office makes me really like my job. My colleagues are not only experts in their field but also interesting and inspiring people. Working with them helps me develop on many levels, not only professionally.


Office Angel

Work with us

RST means challenges – a demanding customer, a huge project with a lot of interesting solutions and technologies, with continuously improved architecture. We handle several thousand users online, which can be quite challenging during the implementation, deployment, and maintenance of new functionalities.


Technical Team Lead

Work with us

I learn something new every day. And it’s not just technical skills. I can also develop my soft competences, crucial in my contacts with the customer, during trainings, or to help other less experienced associates.


Frontend Technical Architect

Choose a workplace where you will feel good

We respect each other, listen and learn from others. We embrace feedback.

Our values: openness, cooperation, effectiveness and involvement are what guides us in our everyday activities. They are the outcome of our experience, history and what we regard as key to nurturing an atmosphere stimulating growth and remarkable projects.

RST Software praca w IT Wrocław

And after work?

RST Software - teambuilding

Team integration, team building, passions

Regardless of whether you work remotely or stationary, people integration, teamwork, conversation, getting to know each other are very important to us.

We are inspired and driven to discover new passions and interests. You can take a moment of relaxation in the Playroom. Here you will find drums, consoles, board games, table football and even a gymnastic wall bar. Do you have an idea for new games? Great! We’ll be happy to play and learn something new. A trip to the city with the team? Why not to crack the integration piggy bank open and get away from work – bowling, paintball, or maybe an escape room?

Infect us with your passion, we will be happy to go and use SUPs, or we will organize a trip to the mountains together with you. Attend our events and integration trips regularly, so we can get to know each other better and talk at ease. You can join the community or set up your own: mountains, cats, plants, bicycles… we have many different interests.

RST Software - Pracuj z nami - benefity

Benefits from the first day of work

From the very first day at RST you can use the My Benefit Cafeteria system and the Luxmed package for you and your loved ones.

When you’re stuck in a traffic jam you don’t have to worry whether you will be on time for work or a meeting. Park your car, scooter, bicycle or motorbike with no hassle in our parking lot. And if during your break at work you want to play a match, do it in our Playroom, but if you need a moment of silence or a conversation, our phone booth is at your disposal! One thing is certain! Start your day with us having a delicious breakfast prepared by Majka and Agata, who take care of our healthy start in the office every day.

The atmosphere is the result of our good energy

Year after year, our employees emphasize that the atmosphere, people, mutual respect, transparency and approach to employees are the great values ​​that give us even greater satisfaction with our work. Our people create a unique atmosphere in RST over the years. Openness, cooperation, efficiency and commitment are the compass of our actions, including business ones. This is our direction we want to follow together.

RST Software oferty pracy

Łukasz Wróbel - CTO, Vice President

Development at RST

See what Łukasz says about work and development opportunities at RST. Do you want to try  at a different technology,  maybe you need support or inspiration? In RST, you have such an opportunity, we exchange knowledge, support each other, we are open to help and try.

RST Eventrix

Check Mariusz'e open-source project Eventrix.

RST Eventrix

The Eventrix library allows to manage the shared state between services and components in an application. Read about its advantages and see, step by step, how to use it. More information can be found on our blog in the Knowledge Base tab.


RST Culture Book Nice to meet you

Culture Book
Nice to Meet You

Learn about our history and check who you can work with. Organizational culture, dress code, values, direction in which we are heading. These are the “flavours” from our RST life.

Team Hire Squad,
you will have contact with us during the recruitment process


Aleksandra Marascu

IT Researcher

Martyna Mendytka - RST Software Masters

Martyna Mendyka

Senior Recruitment Coordinator

Joanna Labocha - RST Software

Joanna Labocha

Recruitment Coordinator

Katarzyna Zalewska RST Software

Katarzyna Zalewska

Senior Recruitment Coordinator

Integration event

If you are curious to know what we do in our free time, watch the video recorded in the Wodnik Hotel in Wrocław where, apart shooting bows and solving riddles in an escape room, we danced to the rhythm of Silent Disco and spent hours on talking.

It was such a joy to see everyone again!




Let's talk about you being a part of RST Team

Katarzyna Zalewska RST

Katarzyna Zalewska

Senior Recruitment Coordinator



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