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We’re a Polish software house with over 20 years of experience on the IT market. Accept the challenge and create innovative projects with us.

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Our company consists of exceptional people, with whom we build a unique atmosphere, conducive to growth and knowledge sharing. For us, values are more than just words written on the walls. They are the result of our experiences and history. Efficiency, quality, respect, and honesty are a compass for our actions, including business ones. We focus on an individual approach to the needs and development of each employee. Organizational culture and work style allow our people to have a direct influence on the choice of tools and technologies.

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What do our employees say about us?

Iga Rogała UX designer RST Software

To me working at RST means the possibility to develop on so many levels. Never before have I thought of a job as a place where I can grow both as an employee and a person. Apart from learning how to be effective and agile in a multidsciplinary team, I know I cooperate with experts who are open and ready to share as well as exchange knowledge. I have a strong feeling that, by working here, I develop both my technical and soft skills.


UX Designer

Work with us

I’ve been with RST for 11 years, which may seem crazy in the IT sector, but it also gives me the chance to see how the organisation develops. I can look at my work from different perspectives. I started as a software tester. All of this wouldn’t have happened if not for the support of other people who were always ready to help and share their knowledge.


DevOps Architect

Work with us

RST means challenges – a demanding customer, a huge project with a lot of interesting solutions and technologies, with continuously improved architecture. We handle several thousand users online, which can be quite challenging during the implementation, deployment, and maintenance of new functionalities.



Work with us

I learn something new every day. And it’s not just technical skills. I can also develop my soft competences, crucial in my contacts with the customer, during trainings, or to help other less experienced associates.


Technical Team Leader

Agata Obrał RST Software Masters

Every day I can feel that the values upheld at RST – quality, honesty, effectiveness and respect – are not just empty words. The atmosphere in the office makes me really like my job. My colleagues are not only experts in their field but also interesting and inspiring people. Working with them helps me develop on many levels, not only professionally.


Meethub Manager

Check our employees’ projects

Mariusz and Mateusz shared with us the effects of their work. Learn more about Mariusz’e open-source project Eventrix and Kata exercises with Quadina from Mateusz.

RST Eventrix

Mariusz Przodała (Technical Architect)


RST Eventrix

We are presenting a project by Mariusz. The Eventrix library allows to manage the shared state between services and components in an application. Read about its advantages and see, step by step, how to use it.

Kata z Quadiną RST

Mateusz Badziński (Technical Architect)

Kata with Quadina

Kata z Quadiną RST

A training for programmers developed by Mateusz Badziński. Watch a series of films with Mateusz that will support you in your everyday development. Kata is a Japanese word standing for a choreographed pattern of movements used both in traditional martial arts and combat sports.

Watch now

Hire Squad... or recruitment in RST

Meet Kasia, Martyna and Karolina

Watch a short video that will lead you through all steps of RST’s recruitment process. Who are you going to meet at the job interview? When will you receive feedback? Are you wondering if you can come to work with your pet? You don’t know what questions the recruiters may ask? Do you want to know whether to address the recruiters by their names? What to do if you didn’t do well at the interview?

See our office in Świdnica

Arek and Michał

Take a tour with them around
RST office in Świdnica!

See how we work, what Meethub looks like,
where we hold our meetings, let’s see our city
and the reason why you should work here!

See you there!

Arek & Michał

Software Tester & Developer

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